Dec 27, 2010

[Movies] Best of 2010

Mondays are the days I review newer movies and 2010 was definitely a great year for movies. Even better, I felt this was also a great year for very geeky movies that celebrate the joys of geek culture and all that good stuff.

For geekiest movie of the year, I feel it's a close fight between two different comic book adaptations. On the one hand you have the ultra violent and gory Kick-Ass. On the other we have the retro video game centric Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Both have their good points and bad points, but I think Kick-Ass was still the geekier movie. Plus it managed to come out with a story that really worked despite differences from the source material, which isn't easy to do.

The movie that I watched this year that surprised me the most was The Brothers Bloom. I mean seriously, this movie worked for me on so many levels! It's a smart, witty comedy with strong characters, fun dialog and of course the joys of Bang Bang. Three cheers for more Bang Bang!

Director Christopher Nolan participating in th...Image via WikipediaAs for what I think is the best movie of the year, two titles immediately come to mind. On the one hand you have the intense psychological thriller Inception. On the other we have the tech-focused drama The Social Network. I enjoyed both movies a lot and they definitely helped define the movie climate for me but I still have to hand it to Christopher Nolan's Inception for REALLY blowing me away. That was a movie that knocked me senseless after seeing it and I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. Few movies have bee so fulfilling visually and cerebrally that I doubt one can really question what makes it good or bad or whatever.

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