Nov 6, 2014

[TV] Miranda: Series 3

So given the glowing reviews that I gave Series 1 and Series 2 of Miranda, it's easy for anyone to see that Tobie and I really got into the show. Although it has been a little painful to note that this third series has thus far been the last full series of the show to air. It has been a painful wait since then, but it seems that there will be some Miranda specials coming our way later this year.

Despite the show's somewhat uncertain future and the fact that folks been waiting for new Miranda content since 2011, this is still an amazingly brilliant show and I'll continue to recommend it strongly to just about anyone. And I was a little surprised to note that I hadn't written a proper review for this third series just yet, and so here we are.

We've been tracking Miranda's unusual love life through several series of the show now. And regardless of all the other people who have come along in the show, I think it's safe to say that we've all been rooting for her to finally get together with Gary.

But like any good sitcom, that can't quite happen right away.

Synopsis: Miranda is a British television comedy series created by, written by, and starring Miranda Hart. The show has won numerous comedy awards over the years. This third series spans 6 episodes.

After the ups and downs of the last series, Miranda (Miranda Hart) and Gary (Tom Ellis) have decided to just remain friends. But of course we repeatedly see how the two of them still obviously have feelings for one another, thus leading to some somewhat awkward but often comedic moments. Miranda's joke shop has also finally gone out of business (and this shouldn't really surprise anyone given how they've been managing it) and so now Miranda tries her luck at getting a "regular" job in an office.

But of course Stevie (Sarah Hadland) eventually comes to the rescue and agrees to revive the shop together with Miranda, but this time as an equal partner in the venture. But I suppose this quick resolution to the "problem" could be forgiven after watching Miranda fail miserably at office work. Most of the series involves Miranda seriously trying to find a new boyfriend with a series of hilarious dates while Gary seems pretty into his new girlfriend, Rose (Naomi Bentley).

Admittedly the sort of romantic tension between Miranda and Gary has been one of the driving forces of the show. The second series heavily experimented with the two finally trying to get together more formally but with forces naturally working against this particular endeavor. As audience members, we all totally see how the two work so well together and are tremendously compatible but of course there are more laughs to be had by keeping them apart.

I was a little thrown off by the initial plot regarding the joke shop going under. And while this was rather inevitable given how Miranda would run the place, admittedly it was quite the essential part of the show. And I suppose Stevie coming into the mix of thing was a way for Miranda to accept her being more of an equal. But does it really matter for as long as Stevie has an excuse to whip out her Heather Small cutout and sing a few lines from the song "Proud"?

The series has its fair share of funny bits and running gags and that's all just par for the course for this show. I can't necessarily say that anything amazingly new came out of this series - but it at least remained rather consistent with prior ones. And in a sitcom environment, that's not necessarily easy, right?

But man, the way this particular series ends is rather tremendous and it really pushes things to the edge. And given that it has been a few years since that finale ended, you can imagine that a lot of Miranda fans remain on edge as to how things will resolve. Despite the passage of time, I still won't spoil things for you. Given how short each series actually is, any of you interested in seeing what this is all about can get all caught up pretty quickly in a single afternoon.

But here's to the forthcoming Christmas specials, which promise to wrap up the whole story neatly enough! But given this is Miranda, I'm sure things will get a little bonkers towards the end. This third series of Miranda gets  a good 4 unusual men that Miranda ends up dating out of a possible 5.

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