May 28, 2022

[Updates] Another Geeky Guide Restart?

Geeky Guide Restart Needed

Hello geeky readers. It has been a while.

Over the past few years, I've let the blog slip into a sort of hiatus and limited my regular updates to summaries of all the books I had read and little else. I've limited my regular writing updates for my personal blog because that is all my brain could handle and then I think I lost even more drive to write over the course the pandemic. 

Every few years I write about wanting to figure out what to do with the blog and find a better direction for it. But one thing leads to another (or doesn't) and then I'm left with a non-moving blog. I continue to pay for the domain, mainly because I still love it, but that's about it.

I had another moment of semi-epiphany while walking last weekend about what I should do with this site. Long story short - I do want to keep it alive. But I also recognize that the old format of reviews upon reviews on just about whatever content I engage with. That was way too much work for not enough returns. And while I still don't think I want the Geeky Guide to become this mega-big media platform or something. But I do want to be able to write content that I'm proud of and find another outlet for this side of my writing.

So what can you expect?

I'll try to aim for bi-weekly updates, probably scheduled on Saturdays since more people seem to read my stuff on weekends, which makes sense. I want to do more long-form essay content - the sort of things that could get turned into YouTube videos if I had the patience and skill to create that sort of thing. Maybe I'll get around to something like that in time, but for now, I want to write. 

Things will remain geeky. The sort of content I'll write about will still center around my interests, so you can still expect a lot of stuff about the new Star Trek shows, the new Dune movies (gosh, plural!), the many books and comics I still ready and all the new TV shows and movies of interest. But I don't want to do the old review format and maybe more well-thought-out pieces about how I feel about these different franchises and other things I love and still make it worth someone's time to read.

I don't quite know what that's going to look like, but I do hope that you join me on this journey. As much as these blogs are largely about my need to express myself creatively, it's also about how you receive this content and your feedback will be and has always been greatly appreciated.

This won't become a Wikipedia-level reference for anything I write about - I don't know if I'll consistently have the time to do sufficient research to elevate things to that level. But I do want these articles to be pretty meaty - maybe trending above 1,000 words per blog, and I know that may be a lot to swallow for a casual blog experience. I talk big now, but again, I have no idea how things are going to go. I'm just throwing out ideas and seeing what sticks.

So that's all I have to say - the Geeky Guide is coming back somehow. Hope you can stick around to see what comes next.

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