Nov 3, 2021

[Books] October 2021 Reads

October 2021 Reads

 I was worried that I wouldn't keep up my one-book-a-day reading pace last month, so I was pleasantly surprised by my actual tally. It never feels like I read "enough", but in the end, I guess I generally do?

If anything, I did manage to pivot mid-way through the month to read more "thematically" given the month. And how I got to that point was pretty surprising, even to me.

For the month of October 2021, I managed to read exactly 31 titles during the month - this consisted of 8 novels and the equivalent of 23 trade paperbacks. I didn't manage to finish any audiobooks during this period because I'm still listening to a rather lengthy one.

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On the novel front, I admittedly focused on shorter pieces initially to add to my reading account. That meant me going back to the BattleTech universe and reading fun pieces like the Ghost Bear's Lament duology and resuming my efforts to read the different BattleCorps anthologies. This month included the likes of First Strike and Weapons Free, which were both pretty enjoyable with some notable stories included. BattleTech will always be comfort reading for me for some reason.

For comic books, I had this weird desire to go through the entire Avengers: The Initiative comics for some reason, and it was a generally enjoyable read that I think I appreciate a lot more now versus when it first came out so soon after Civil War. But things took an interesting turn when I randomly decided to read this quirky Carnage series that ran from 2015-2017. This Gerry Conway series added a Cthulhu-esque spin to things and inspired me to try to read my relatively "scarier" comics for the rest of October in line with Halloween. But since I'm not exactly a big horror person, the best I could do were the Alien comics, of which I most appreciated Defiance and Resistance, which have more ties to the Alien Isolation game. It's just a shame that with the rights to the franchise now with Marvel, I'm unable to get a copy of the last part of that extended story arc in the form of Aliens: Rescue

Lastly, I didn't get to finish any audiobooks this month since I'm still listening to The Sandman: Act II on Audible. Nearly 14 hours of content is no joke and this is not exactly the sort of (audio)book that you want to somehow rush through. 

And those are the highlights from the fun things I read in October. If you want to explore my individual reviews of everything I read, feel free to check out my Goodreads page.

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