For disclosure purposes, The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything is ad-supported, if only to pay for the costs of maintaining the domain and hopefully get around to compensating me for all the time I spend working on this blog. I currently utilize a modest variety of advertising and revenue options and am always open to receiving direct offers from interested clients.

Contextual Display Advertising Networks
My primary advertising platform continues to be Google AdSense, since (1) it's passive and requires minimal effort on my part and (2) it's from Google and I really love Google. I thought that I might get better results by trying out alternate provider like adBrite, but ad quality simple wasn't good and performance has been declining in recent months. So after almost a year of testing, I've decided to revert all ads back to Google AdSense solely.

Affiliate Programs
I'm currently a member of Amazon Associates affiliate marketing program as evidenced by the product links you can see in some of my pages. I haven't been too active in recent years and it's only now that I'm takings a bit more seriously.

I'm also exploring the more recent Google Affiliate Network as another source of affiliate marketing opportunities. It's too early to discuss how good or bad the service is, but I'll keep you posted.

Direct Advertising
The Geeky Guide has yet to engage in direct advertising offers (e.g. image banners, rich media ads), but we are open to discussions related to this. I utilize Google Doubleclick for Publishers platform to manage some of my advertising (mainly affiliate ads at this point). This allows me to offer ad space directly on the site and the capabilities of the platform do seem promising. Just send the details of your advertising proposal to the email address below and we can discuss from there.

For short-term advertising requests, the immediately available inventory size are 468x60 banners and a  300x250 rectangle ad unit. If you wish to position other ad sizes, please get in touch with me directly.

If you wish to get in touch with me about other possible advertising or affiliate marketing programs, or have related questions about our advertising policies, feel free to email rgsunico [at] Yahoo and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.