Jun 27, 2017

[Games] Bohnanza Review

Tobie picked up a lot of different games during this lengthy US trip including a number of games I hadn't heard of before. But recommendations from other gaming friends had guided  him in some of his purchases at Gamex 2017 and so our collection has a whole host of interesting new players.

Enter Bohnanza, a German card game originally released in 1997 that remains to be one of the highest rated games for awhile. The odd premise of having everyone dealing with growing different types of beans and trying to sell them for a profit may not sound like fun, but it actually is.

To add to the fun, the copy of the game that Tobie found is an older German edition with a slightly different card set from the current edition of the game, so it took us a while find a copy of the rules in English and to reconcile the difference between the types of cards included in the box.

But after all that fun stuff, I have to concede that the game is more complex than you'd initially thing.

Jun 26, 2017

[Movies] Masahista (2005) Review

So I feel like I ended up watching a lot of crap while Tobie was away. My efforts to expand my viewing range  has led me down strange roads. And this is why I ended up watching Masahista one evening.

If you've ever browsed through the iflix library of Filipino movies, you'll inevitably come across Masahista as one of the more prominently featured works alongside the likes of Serbis. This is typically in the indie movie section alongside the likes of Ekstra, so take that as you will.

This is yet another queer movie starring Coco Martin when he was doing a heck of a lot of queer indie work in order to get noticed for other stuff. I think the last review I wrote for one of his movies was the indie feature Daybreak or something. I'm not exactly a fan, but you can't help but notice his pink body of work.

Is that even a thing? I didn't know how else to phrase that. Oh fun stuff.

Jun 23, 2017

[Movies] I Luv U Pare Ko (2013) Review

Sometimes I wonder why I don't watch more local movies. There are some great ones out there, I'm sure. But there's also a lot of crap. And man, I Luv U Pare Ko is totally crap. Despite the horrendous murder of the language that is the title of this movie, I figured it can't be that bad since the names were familiar and I kind of vaguely remember the names from other independent projects?

But this movie is not the the acclaimed Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (which I haven't seen, admittedly). This is something else entirely. This is a sad, terrible movie.

But of course I can't judge the local movie industry based on a single bad movie - and I don't. But I can't limit myself to only watching those movies that movie critics find to be good - that means waiting for reviews before watching and not giving independent projects like this a chance.

So you take the good with the bad. And this is something else entirely. But I still watched it from start to finish in order to give it a decent chance.

Jun 22, 2017

[Videos] 107 Facts About Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck, strange Batman-like creation of the 90's with the somewhat cool catch phrase of "Let's get DANGEROUS". With a DuckTales reboot about to hit TV screens soon complete with notable DuckTales crossover character Gizmoduck back in the original series, I'm sure there's going to be a lot of Darkwing Duck nostalgia going around for all the good feels.

Clearly ChannelFrederator was thinking along the same lines when they released this 107 Facts video about Darkwing Duck to join their prior 107 Facts video about DuckTales. So let's geek out over all this brilliant duckery!

But enough squawking. Let's. Get. Dangerous.

107 Darkwing Duck Facts YOU Should Know! - Cartoon Facts! (107 Facts S6 E20)

Jun 21, 2017

[Movies] Paglipad ng Anghel (Cinemalaya 2011) Review

One of the great things about the iflix conent library beyond local content but actually a lot of independent productions that have been featured in film festivals like Cinemalaya. So there's some award-winning content to be enjoyed and there's also some weird content that still manages to see the light of day.

I ended up watching Paglipad ng Anghel one slow evening as it was cited as a Cinemalaya participant and it features Sid Lucero, who I went to school with many years ago. It's not like I've been avidly following his career or anything but from time to time I do get curious as to what his projects are like. And every serious actor needs to have an indie production or two under one's belt to help build up credentials and such.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this movie since all that I knew about it stemmed from the title and poster art alone. But hey such is how adventures in movie watching go, right?

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