Sep 3, 2015

[TV] Wayward Pines: Season 1

There are like a gazillion shows in our "to-watch" queue for TV shows. With so little free time during the work week and some pretty busy weekends to boot, it seems that we rarely find the time to just sit down and explore shows and see things through. But here and there a show hooks us sufficiently to try and make time for it or at the very least it becomes the priority show to watch during the slower moments.

Wayward Pines was a show that kind of jumped the queue, as it were. We had heard that few friends had talked about the quirks of the show but it didn't immediately blip on the radar. But eventually we gave it a shot and rather liked the vibe of the show and eventually watched the whole thing through.

I like how shows like this seem to be embracing a shorter season term as opposed the more typical network television formula of 20+ episodes in a season. It allows for more focused storytelling and it reduces the chance of fluff characters getting unusual amounts of screen time or ridiculous side plots.

Sep 2, 2015

[Games] Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy

So the month of August pretty much became Legendary month for us since we became pretty keen on acquiring and playing the expansions of the game, making it our most-played game for the month. And this is despite the many, many games in our collection, we kept going back to this card game just to see how things would go. And I'm pretty sure that we've already played this game more than Legendary Encounters.

Legendary Encounters: Guardians of the Galaxy is another small box expansion for the Legendary game system. But as the name of the expansion establishes, this is all about bringing in the Guardians of the Galaxy into the game, thus introducing more space-faring races into the game mix apart from the Skrulls that were already present in the first game.

The game also introduces some pretty intense Masterminds for your heroes to face including the infamous Thanos of Titan. And you can't have Thanos involved in a game without bringing in the Infinity Gems as well, thus taking things to a completely new level indeed.

Sep 1, 2015

[Comics] Hawkeye Vol. 2 - Little Hits

My effort to review the current Hawkeye run using the collected editions as a basis continues on with Hawkeye Vol. 2 - Little Hits. Matt Fraction already won me over with the first few issues of this series and I've continued on with the comic since then. Both Tobie and I love it to bits, plus Barton is pretty much at his hottest in this comic since they didn't go all unrealistic hyper musculature and such.

Eye candy indulgence aside, the writing for this book remains wonderfully character-centric and funny as heck. There's great action, wonderful examples of how sequential art truly should be and of course Pizza Dog.

I think my biggest worry is that all of my reviews of these comics will end up sounding the same since I love them so much. The books are consistent in bringing in everything that I like about comic every single time. But then again, we also get some truly clever and inventive storytelling like what was masterfully demonstrated here.

Aug 31, 2015

[Movies] Whiplash (2014)

Every awards season, we end up with a list of movies that get a lot of nominations and thus seem like something worth paying attention to, however not all movies fall into our core areas of interest, so they end up getting bumped around the watching priority queue. This doesn't make the movies bad or something despite the awards nominations - they're just not movies that we can find a strong affinity for.

Whiplash is one such movie that was often cited in various Oscar-related press, but it's one that maybe we waited a bit too long before finally getting to watch. It was certainly a very intense movie, but the greatness of it is rather subtle and maybe hard for a lot of people to fully appreciate.

The movie is centered around the jazz scene, particularly focused on the education scene related to it. It's a movie about a young man trying to figure out his path and how his family tries to support him in their own way. And of course you have a rather harsh mentor figure that may or may not be good for his development. That's where the drama lies.

Aug 30, 2015

[Technicolor Musings] Thanks For Being Awesome, O Bar!

So I celebrated my birthday at O Bar last Friday night and it was AMAZING. Where else would I be dragged up on stage to lip-sync Kylie Minogue's Especially For You together with Tobie and l get dragged up for the Katy Perry Birthday performance? Complete with well-wishes from the drag queens, the poi dancers and pretty most all the ledge dancers and staff at the bar?

But hey, I know this is also because of years of patronage and thousands upon thousands of photos I've taken to help them promote their performances and also document the many amazing, creative, wonderful numbers they've staged over the years. The love you send out to the universe will always come back to you.

So thank you so much O Bar for making my birthday feel extra special and just being awesome every weekend. My O Bar friends will always feel like family to me and I don't think that will ever change.
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