Oct 28, 2016

[Books] Battletech: Blood Legacy

When I was collecting Battletech books in my much younger years for some reason Blood Legacy was terribly hard to find. No one wants to miss the middle of a trilogy but that's the situation that I found myself in given I had a copy of Lethal Heritage and Lost Destiny but I did not have the middle book of the Blood of Kerensky trilogy of novels.

Blood Legacy is a very important part of the story since it covers that key tuning point that helped the Inner Sphere stand a chance in terms of defending itself against the continued advance of the Clans and it also covered the period of Phelan Kell's return to the life of a warrior as he is reborn as Phelan Wolf. And so it hurt me that I didn't have a copy of this book immediately on-hand.

Over the years I repeatedly read Book 1 and Book 3 of the Kerensky trilogy yet having no success finding the second book. That changed when they started re-releasing the various Battletech books in Kindle format, although even that had a bit of back and forth over the legality of publishing those infamous "unseen" mechs. But it's still one heck of a story.

Oct 27, 2016

[Videos] 11 Best Halloween Cartoon Specials

Holiday themed special episodes for various shows and cartoons is not a new thing however one has to take note that a lot of the best cartoon moments tend to take place during Halloween special episodes even if they tend to exist outside the established canon.

And while we all love the many, many, many Simpsons Halloween specials over the years, they aren't the only cartoon series to go down that road. And it's nice that Channel Frederator has decided to come up with a list of 11 of the Best Halloween Cartoon specials - and it's a pretty good list.

11 Best Halloween Cartoon Specials (ToonedUp #197) | ChannelFrederator

Oct 26, 2016

[TV] Haters Back Off: Season 1

I've been petty open to exploring the various original creative ventures that Netflix has been churning out in order to make their content library that much more attractive to customers. Trying to get other content creators to make a deal with you is one thing, but creating your own content is that much easier and still pretty lucrative..Of course this assumes that said content actually work.

Haters Back Off is the product of efforts of making the most of a YouTube personality and hoping that it'll work. The math seems  to make sense since the working assumption is that the concept of the show has already tested as successful with YouTube fans and so bringing it to television format would be the safe bet.

But it seems the jury's out on this shows as there's a wide range opinions about it and whether or not it's really a test case for successfully translating a YouTube personality into a small screen heroine. And frankly, I'm not exactly on the side of the supporters of this project. Maybe it's just not my flavor of weirdness.

Oct 25, 2016

[Videos] 107 Facts About Voltron Legendary Defender

While I had a lukewarm reaction to the first season of Voltron: Legendary Defender, it wasn't a terrible show. A lot of folks remind me of the involvement of various alumni from the various Avatar animated shows, there's something about the series that just didn't quite draw me in.

But hey, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't be interested in hearing more about the show and learning more about how to be. Plus I've (obviously) become quite the sucker for these 107 fact videos by Channel Frederator.

But the jury's still out on this new series for me. And yet I'll probably take the time to watch the second season of this show when it comes around.

107 Voltron: Legendary Defender Facts (ToonedUp #195) | ChannelFrederator

Oct 24, 2016

[Books] Battletech: Wolf Pack

Despite the many, many, many different books  that I'm reading or planing to read, I still make time for my explorations of the classic Battletech novels, which are called Battletech Legends books these days. It's nice to see that more of these books are returning to publication, at least on the Kindle Store and other online formats as they strip out older "unseen" content that can no longer be published under current licensing efforts.

Wolf Pack is another book focused on the famous mercenary company Wolf's Dragoons. They've always been a fascinating aspect of the classic Battletech universe and of course for the longest time they were the mercenary company that everyone wanted to be like or to become a part of.

Little did we know that it wasn't just as easy as enlisting for the group given their ties to the Clans and all that jazz. Ah the history of Classic Battletech remains as fascinating as ever. And it's such a joy to continue to explore theses stories through these books.

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