Sep 22, 2017

[Books] Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography - Audible Review

So my Audible adventure continues with more geeky biographies. And I suppose it's only fair that I get into a celebrity biography that is pretty geeky and quite gay at the same time. And what's not to love about a guy who once played a child prodigy doctor, right?

Neil Patrick Harris is famous for a variety of reasons whether it's his early career as Doogie Howser, his more recent work as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, his hosting gigs at the Tony Awards or his many stage performances - he really gets around. And that has gone a long way towards broadening his appeal and growing his fan base across demographic groups.

Now the very format of this book is rather unique and I'm impressed that they found a way to make it work as an audio book experience. That takes some serious creativity, as if the original book concept in itself wasn't already creative to begin with.

This book was a delight.

Sep 21, 2017

[Pink Culture] Macro Marco at New York Style Fashion Week 2017

In recent years the fashion shows of Marco Marco have been really pushing gender norms to the curb with some unique styles and even more diverse models walking the runway. Beyond featuring some of the drag queens featured on RuPaul's Drag Race, the model line-up tends to include people of all walks of life and all different body shapes, heel lengths and all that fun stuff.

This year's show at New York Style Fashion Week, I was particularly impressed with their model line-up this year beyond fan favorites like RPDR Season 9 winner Sasha Velour, but even amazing choreographer Yanis Marshall and famous fashion forward transgender model Amanda Lepore.

#MarcoMarcoShow Collection Six NY Style Fashion Week "Night"

And of course World of Wonder continues to provide the world with full coverage of these shows and some great behind-the-scenes interviews and such. It's insane to consider that Sasha was brought into the show at the last minute!

#MarcoMarcoShow Backstage NY Style Fashion Week w/ Sasha Velour, Laganja Estranja, Gia Gunn, Milk

Sep 20, 2017

[TV] Game of Thrones: Season 6 Review

As if often the case with entertainment adapted from books or other media, there's a bit of a safety blanket that readers enjoy when watching said adaptation. And such was the case with Game of Thrones for the most part as the general flow of the story was firmly established in the books with some minor deviations by the TV show's writing staff.

But we've run out of book material and thus the show is flying on its own for now. In theory they may have notes or a plot outline to follow, but the writing is definitely different now that the book material has run out. And that could go either way.

This season has some interesting bits, some surprising parts, and some parts that just didn't make a whole lot of sense. But what can you do? These are the cards that we have been dealt and so we continue to follow along with this adventure to see how things will turn out in the end.

All the while hoping that this ending is really what was intended or the show when the books were first conceived.

Sep 19, 2017

[Videos] Just Write on Game of Thrones

I recently started following YouTube channels like The Nerdwriter (Patreon link) and Just Write (Patreon link) to get more ideas for my own writing (should I ever find the nerve to truly pick up the pen again) and there's a lot of good stuff there. They've helped fill the gap in my entertainment analysis diet while waiting for videos from Every Frame a Painting (Patreon link).

What was a bit more striking was how his initial video on what we can learn from the writing of Game of Thrones was eventually balanced with a criticism of the writing in the latest season. And that's quite a wide shift in looking at a body of work, which is really the joy of criticism of this nature.

So here are the two videos - he raises some good points in both videos.

What Writers Should Learn From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones; Or The Pain Of Falling Out Of Love With A Story

Sep 18, 2017

[TV] Marvel's The Defenders: Season 1 Review

When we began our Netflix journey with Daredevil back in 2015, they had already announced that they had bigger plans in mind. Given the relative success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the folks behind the show wanted to create a TV version of that focused on more street level crime.

It's 2017 the work behind four different Marvel shows on Netflix has finally culminated with The Defenders, a team name familiar to Marvel fans but with a completely different composition this time around. There's been so much hype around this show and after all that we get...this.

It was a little unusual that the show that incorporates characters from four different shows ends up with a season shorter than what those other shows got. You'd think we'd at least get a season of relative parity since they had to tell a bigger story that brings these four characters together to save the city or whatever.

The end result wasn't too bad, but could have been better.

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