Apr 28, 2017

[Movies] Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was an amazing fun romp that exceeded a lot of expectations. It was a hit comic book movie based on a lesser known comic book title that managed to captivate audiences and put a lot a lot of pressure on DC to make their movies appear more fun and hip (think Suicide Squad).

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is the inevitable sequel to the 2014 hit movie that tried to push things to a new level. The first movie was naturally an origin story that had to focus on introducing us to the various members of the team. This sequel is the natural effort to make the most of all these characters and find a path forward for them.

As much as people often describe the Guardians movies as sort of being like The Avengers in space. But the Avengers was the joining of many characters whose back stories were first established in solo movies focused on those characters. The Guardians started as a team and will always have to be a team since there's only so much time to divide between everyone in each movie. And I think this film certainly felt the squeeze.

Apr 27, 2017

[TV] Fargo: Season 3 on iflix

Each video streaming platform has their share of exclusive content and one of the best reasons to sign up for iflix is the FX TV series Fargo. The movie alone was pretty awesome and the subsequent TV series has been equally compelling. And I'm glad that iflix continues to get the rights to additional seasons of the show.

Trapped | Fargo Installment 3 Extended Trailer | FX [HD]

You can already watch the season three premiere on iflix today with new episodes every Thursday. The first two seasons of the show are also available for watching if you're not caught up yet.

Full press release follows:

[Games] Full Throttle Remastered Released

Guys, we're living in a magical time when all of my favorite games are coming back from the dead...in HD! We already got Day of the Tentacle Remastered and Grim Fandango Remastered and now we get the most badass game of them all - Full Throttle Remastered. With the completion of this game, I think this just about rounds out the efforts to restore all of Tim Schafer's greatest adventure games from the 90's during his LucasArts period.

Full Throttle Remastered - Full Intro Video

The game is available for multiple platforms including PC, PS4, and PS Vita with other platforms to follow.

Apr 26, 2017

[TV] Grace and Frankie: Season 3

I didn't expect to get into Grace and Frankie as much as I have and I've even dragged my partner Tobie into the mix of things. But the show has proven to be quite funny and very thoughtfully written, which is seen in how the show has made it to a third season on Netflix.

Grace and Frankie is a brilliant examination of life in one's older years through the lens of wry comedy. It's not the kind of show that needs sight gags and slapstick humor to drive home jokes. Instead it's the sort of comedy that makes you laugh because things are so relatable - and how they manage to make the problems of the older generation relatable to younger people is part of the magic of the show.

And let's face it the primary cast is amazingly talented and great at balancing both comedy and drama as needed throughout the episodes. And this third season really has a lot of both aspects coloring its story arcs in its usual low-key yet funny way.

Apr 25, 2017

[Movies] Batman and Harley Quinn First Trailer

So surprisingly a trailer and featurette video came out over the weekend to promote Batman and Harley, a new DC Universe Animated Original Movie coming out this year. What is pretty distinct about this release beyond the involvement of Bruce Timm is the fact that it's being done in the style of Batman: The Animated Series and not the gritty look of more recent releases.

While recent releases like Batman: The Killing Joke wasn't quite the best Bruce Timm project but maybe this movie will feel closer to that 90's cartoon we all grew up with. It once again features Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman but with the surprise casting of The Big Bang Theory's Melissa Rauch voicing Harley Quinn!

You can learn more about the project in the video below:

BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN Official Trailer Teaser + Featurette (2017) DC Superhero Animated Movie HD
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