Feb 3, 2016

[Movies] The Little Prince (2015)

The Little Prince is one of the world's most beloved books by fans of all ages. And something so loved can't possible be easy to adapt into another medium given how high everyone's expectations would be. And yet people moved forward and made a movie based on this book and they decided to go all out.

I'm big fan of stop-animation films. There's something about the medium that just fascinates me so much - and this dates back to those old Christmas movies and of modern classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. With the increased reliance on CGI-fueled animation as a more convenient and potentially more cost-effective animation solution, we don't see too many stop animation movies anymore.

But this time around the used a blending of both and the end result is certainly quite the unique movie experience. I have limited concerns about the direction they decided to take with the movie, but on the whole I think it's safe to say that this movie is quite beautiful.

Feb 1, 2016

[Games] Lengendary: Villains - Fear Itself

Fear Itself is not my favorite Marvel comic book crossover event. But for one reason or another this storyline was selected as the basis for the first and thus far only expansion for Legendary: Villains, it was inevitable that we'd eventually get around to getting a copy of the card set for ourselves.

And while the comics weren't all that amazing, they did make for interesting additions to the ever-expanding world of Legendary deck building games. And the set also introduces some interesting card mechanics that do make the expansion a good addition to the collection.

If anything, this expansion did help make the comic book series seem a little better even if only in hindsight. While the story was a little confusing, the individual characters certainly make for interesting game pieces, in a manner of speaking. And to try and command a deck involving even just of the infamous hammer wielders does make for some interesting game sessions. But the adversaries in their path have also become equally potent, all the more making things fulfilling to attempt to complete.

Jan 29, 2016

[Games] Legendary: Villains - A Marvel Deckbuilding Game

So our dedication to the Legendary franchise has just about come full circle, in a manner of speaking. From just wanting to try out the game, we're now super invested in the franchise and have been working on addressing the remaining gaps in our collection. With most of the heroic Marvel sets already safely tucked away, we've finally come back around to Legendary: Villains, where the bad guys take center stage.

To be fair, we actually got to play this game a few times before we got around to buying it. An officemate of Tobie's was nice enough to lend us his copy for a few nights and that helped us decide to eventually get the game. However we did opt to focus on all the heroic sets before we cam back to this one.

But there was never a doubt that we were going to add this game to our collection. We were already having too much fun with all the heroic Legendary games that it was only a matter of time before we'd finally get the Villains in order to further diversify our games.

Jan 27, 2016

[Movies] Spectre (2015)

I was pretty sure that the Daniel Craig era of James Bond movies had pretty much reached its peak with Skyfall, but I guess I was wrong to think that the folks behind the movies were going to walk way from such a lucrative franchise that easily. But it feels like such a shame since that movie presented a rather nice end t things and even felt like it connected nicely with the older James Bonds movie (at least most of them) as a sort of prequel.

But here's Spectre, the fourth movie that features Daniel Craig as the world's more famous spy. As much as Daniel Craig is rather easy on the eyes and a very compelling actor, I really felt like this movie just wasn't all that necessary.

But hey what do I know - I'm not exactly that deeply into the whole James Bond franchise and there are still far more movies in the series that I haven't seen than vice-versa. And I tried to go into this movie with an open mind and an eagerness to see what they could come up with. But in the end, I think I realized how much I missed having Dame Judi Dench as M.

Jan 25, 2016

[TV] Mozart in the Jungle: Season 2

So Tobie and I really enjoyed the first season of Mozart in the Jungle for so many reasons. The team behind it certainly put together a very strong show for a first outing and they made sure that it would be memorable for fans of all ages. And I was happy to know that the show had been confirmed for a second season quite soon after the first.

Coming back to Mozart in the Jungle after a fairly lengthy break did make for a nice change of pace, although initially there was definitely that sense of things not quite being where we wanted them to be right off the bat. It still feels like the writers are still trying to figure out what they really want to do with this show and thus there was a degree of experimentation and diversification in terms of direction for the various episodes.

On the whole it's still an enjoyable experience but the show needs to figure out its niche. It's not your typical sort of comedy since the jokes are subtle and definitely quite witty or even high brow at times. But there's still a lot to be loved about this show and I hope it gets to continue on.

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