Aug 22, 2017

[Games] LEGO Dimensions Wave 9 Trailers

So it's been a while since I've had a chance to talk about LEGO Dimensions and admittedly it's been a while since I've even had a chance to play with my many figures because that's real life for you. It doesn't help that it seems local gaming shops haven't really been stocking the new figures, making it a lot harder to keep up-to-date.

But thankfully the internet is a thing that exists and there are some great game trailers announcing some of the most awaited releases for this year.

I had previously posted the news of the Teen Titans Go! figures for LEGO Dimensions and they look wicked cool. I've yet to see them hit local retail so I suspect I'll need to secure my figures through online sellers once again.

The Powerpuff Girls Join LEGO Dimensions!

But we now also have the big release trailer for The Powerpuff Girls sets for LEGO Dimensions as well! I'm really liking how they've captured the look and feel of the show yet still with that LEGO Dimensions twist to things.

Like with the Teen Titans release, The Powerpuff Girls have been divided into a Fun Pack and a Team Pack to give you those lovely heroes of Townsville.

Aug 21, 2017

[TV] The Cravings Series Review

I really do enjoy eating with Tobie and our eating adventures have taken us to many different restaurants and other new places. And so it's no surprise that we also enjoy watching shows  that celebrate good food like the Netflix documentary series "Chef's Table" and others. And now we've found ourselves exploring other food-related programming.

It was a bit of a surprise me that it seems there's a whole segment of Korean television programming that ties shows to food. Whether it's cooking or eating (but eating seems to come up more), they have literal shows that has this as a key element.

So we took a gamble on The Cravings on Netflix as it featured ridiculously short episodes, and thus made for easier viewing scheduling. And we ended up blitzing  through the two seasons of the show rather quickly.

I'm not sure what the background of this show was given how at times it felt like something sponsored by Lee Kum Kee products or whatever. But hey, it's still a fun show.

Aug 19, 2017

[iflix] New Channels Feature to Better Organize Your Binge-Watching

So iflix now has a Channels feature , that provides users a new way to find content of interest based on set categories or studios of interest. As much as every streaming service relies on categorization of shows and movies into different buckets to help folks digest their digital libraries, this new feature is both a categorization system and a recommendation engine that factors in your viewing habits. It's especially valuable for folks who first join the platform and aren't sure where to begin.

The official press release follows after the cut:

Aug 18, 2017

[TV] Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 4 Review

Netflix makes it crazy convenient to watch entire runs of shows and over the past few months my idle time away from Tobie often leads to watching the various Star Trek shows on the platform. A lot of these shows originally came out well before DVRs and streaming on demand so one could only watch them by catching broadcasts on TV. And if you missed a night, you'd have to hope the show would cycle through syndication or something.

My current project is filling in the gaps of my knowledge of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Despite it initially airing on local TV and again on the cable channel Star World. I never quite caught all the episodes. And it's only now that I'm really going through each and every one of them.

And this fourth season really had me expecting a lot given how it starts. And I think that it certainly has a great start and a great end to it. The middle bits were a little all over the place.

Aug 17, 2017

[TV] Reactions to Charlottesville

The story of the protests in Charlottesville over the weekend is an increasingly alarming one. It started with a supposed "alt-left" protest that just happened to be composed groups identified with white supremacy and outright the Nazi movement. Over the weekend things got violent when a car driven by a young member of one of these groups drove his vehicle directly into a counter-protest group. There have been repeated clashes between the various protest groups and the statements by President Trump haven't been helping the situation at all.

And here's how late night personalities have been responding to the situation.

Jimmy Fallon Addresses the Events in Charlottesville

Seth Meyers' Statement on Charlottesville

Take A Side, Mr. President: Nazis Or Not Nazis
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