May 26, 2017

[Movies] Ghost in the Shell (2017) Review

The American adaptation of Ghost in the Shell has become yet another classic example of American "white-washing", or the practice of adapting material from a foreign culture as an American production featuring primarily Caucasian talents in the primary roles. It's a legitimate concern that affects the Asian American community but is a pretty big subject to get into.

So it's tricky not to let the online discussion about white-washing affect one's effort to evaluate the movie based on its own merits. And given how much coverage was given to that subject before the movie's release, it's easy to fall into that mindset.

So I did my best to keep a open mind while watching it and tried to focus more on the story with some comparisons to the source material. In the end I was more disappointed with the narrative changes made to the story more than the casting choices. Even a good actor or actress can't really save a confusing and unnecessarily convoluted story.

May 25, 2017

[Videos] More Star Wars The Clone Wars Trivia

I had already collated various trivia videos from  Star Wars Explained on YouTube discussing the various episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars in a previous blog post. But of I missed out on not just one video but two since beyond covering the last season of the show, they also made one covering the plans for the unfinished seasons planned before the Disney acquisition of the Star Wars franchise as a whole.

So here's more trivia fun from the end of Star Wars The Clone Wars because I like geeking out over stuff like this Join me in my geekery.

Did You Know: The Clone Wars Season 6 - Easter Eggs, Inspirations, Trivia, and More!

The Clone Wars Seasons 7 and 8: What Would Have Happened

May 24, 2017

[Books] The Princess Diarist - Audible Review

So my current experiment with Audible focuses on biographies. In particular, I seem to have a particular interest in autobiographies narrated by the author. There's an added level of "realness" or something when you hear them read the words used to describe their lives.

Listening to The Princess Diarist is particularly striking at this time given the passing of the author, Carrier Fisher. It's one thing to read their words, but hear things in their own voice, well, it does make one teary from time to time during the book.

Carrie Fisher is more than "just" Princess Leia from Star Wars. She's  also a great writer with a flair for comedy - something that she uses to wonderful effect in the course of crafting this memoir of her life. And this particular book has an interesting focus.

May 23, 2017

[TV] Excited About Okja

The marketing for Okja, Netflix's upcoming movie, is pretty much in full swing. And they seem to be going above and beyond for this venture, but then how could you not with the amazingly talented Tilda Swinton involved.

Beyond the crazy trailer videos, there's also a full website for the fictional company at the heart of the movie, a feature on their Super Pig Project, and a Twitter account that occasionally replies to commenting users about her love for pigs.

Let's join in the countdown to this crazy brilliance by the visionary director behind Snowpiercer!

OKJA | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

Okja - A Message from Lucy Mirando - June 28

Okja | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

May 22, 2017

[Books] Where Am I Now? - Audible Review

Is it a sign of aging that I'm not getting into biographies more? Before the notion of reading about other people's lives didn't seem all that thrilling but now I find several biographies and autobiographies in my reading queue and thus today's review of Where Am I Now? True Stories of  Girlhood and Accidental Fame.

And there's something to be said Audible audio books when they're narrated by the authors. Sure the words of an author have a power on their own and should be able to carry through well enough. But the narration becomes something else when you hear the author recite the lines in the way he or she imagined them while writing them.

So now I'm getting hooked on Audible biographies and I'm glad that one of my first adventures was Mara Wilson's tales of her childhood and her struggles growing up "weird". And it's the kind of weird that I can very much relate to on many levels.

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