Oct 7, 2021

[Books] September 2021 Reads

September 2021 Reads

 I thought that I had read a lot more books last month, but when I sat down to do my tally, it seems that wasn't quite the case. Don't get me wrong - I'm still way ahead of my end-of-year reading goal. But it seems that August was even more productive than September for some reason. Go figure.

So let's dive into my summary of all the different titles I managed to consume cover over the course of the last month. 

For the month of September 2021, I managed to read a total of 33 titles, which consists of 6 novels, 25 comic book trade paperback equivalents, and 2 audiobooks. 

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I was kind of surprised at the number of novels I managed to cover. Sure, the Target Doctor Who novels are pretty easy to consume, but I also revisited other fun lighter reading franchises like the Empire and Rebellion duology from the Star Wars Legends line of books. 

To some degree, a lot of my comic book reading last month involved wrapping up some of the stories I've been reading or focusing on self-contained stories. I read the final volume of Sex Criminals, and it ended at a pretty good place if I do say so myself. I really enjoyed the full run of the android love story of sorts that is Alex + Ada. I even finished X of Swords, which was weird but still mostly fun as far as such big crossover events can go. 

I didn't cover as many audiobooks since I haven't been jogging as much, but the two titles I did finish were pretty solid. Both were anthologies with very different areas of focus - The Conception of Terror: Tales Inspired by M. R. James - Volume 1 and Mindy Kaling's collection of essays that is Nothing Like I Imagined (Except for Sometimes). As someone who is not big on horror, I super enjoyed The Conception of Terror's collection of tales. And Mindy is just charming and I love listening to her work as audio experiences for some reason. 

And those are the big highlights from September! And if you want to explore my reviews of everything I read, feel free to check out my Goodreads page.

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