Aug 17, 2018

[TV] Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- Season 5 Review

The fourth season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was one of their best with the second half being absolutely phenomenal. As in seriously, it ended as quite the must-watch season for me but it's admittedly hard to convince people to slug through the first three seasons to get to that one.

And that season ended with many of our heroes somehow in space, which is a heck of a setup given the largely terrestrial nature of the group. The fifth season pursues that adventure and takes is above and beyond as the agents are well out of their league in terms of what they have to face.

This season remained fairly interesting given the complete change in setting for the team. As always I wish that it had more connections to the larger MCU. Then again, the drastic change in setting was probably part of an effort to completely side-step MCU continuity. It's not a perfect excuse but it works well enough.

Aug 16, 2018

[Books] Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Audible Review

So Tobie introduced me to the genius that is The Office, particularly the US adaptation of the British series. Watching the show together was one of the highlights of our first few years together and I'll always treasure the experience. A part of watching The Office is discovering the quirky comedic genius of Mindy Kaling, who played Kelly Kapoor.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is her first effort at writing something other than a story of a television show episode in the form of a memoir. But the book is distinctly written in her voice and style that you also rather realize that maybe a lot of her work thus far has involved a lot of herself to one degree or another.

And as I strongly feel that autobiography audio books are best read by the authors themselves, I had an extra layer of enjoyment here.

Aug 15, 2018

[Movies] London Has Fallen (2016) Review

Well this is a movie that I didn't expect to find myself watching but when you're with family you can end up with weird things. And it's not like this is already a statement of this movie being good or bad - it's just not the sort of thing I'd choose to watch on my own.

London Has Fallen surprised me that it's actually part of what is now a franchise - in fact a trilogy of movies where governments keep "falling" in one way or another. I like to think of them as flashier, less cerebral versions of the Jack Ryan stories, so to speak.

The movies in this franchise have a particular feel to them that is a bit of an acquired taste I guess? So if you enjoyed the first one, things movie then gives you more of the things that sort of worked and other bits that they thought worked but didn't quite do so in my opinion.

But hey, this is not meant to be quite a serious a movie so we just run with it.

Aug 14, 2018

[Comics] Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir Review

The premature end to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series because of the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm and all of its related properties resulted in a lot of stories going untold. The cancellation had come while the sixth season had still been in production and thus a lot of scripts had already been plotted out but the episodes themselves had gone unproduced.

Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir was one of those stories that found new life beyond the show. Part of what is known as the Clone Wars: Legacy, the multimedia project that tried to salvage what it could of the unproduced stories from that final season. In this case this story arc became a comic book instead of a piece of animation.

The lost status of some of this is sort of moot now that some of the final stories will be brought to life thanks to a recent announcement by Dave Filoni. But still you have to appreciate these stories and the work that went into finding a way to get these stories out there beyond the end of the series.

Aug 13, 2018

[Movies] Alex Strangelove (2018) Review

For one reason or another, Tobie and I didn't get to catch Love, Simon in theaters, which was a bit of a disappointment since I was curious about the film. But the convenience of Netflix made it a heck of a lot easier to catch Alex Strangelove once it was added to the regional content library. And that is pretty much how Netflix functions - by making content fairly convenient to access.

Now I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this movie since it seemed to fit the mold of yet another classic LGBT coming of age story complete with the protagonist eventually coming out as being...not straight, at the very least.

But early reviews for the movie were pretty positive and that just piqued my curiosity even further. Was this movie in fact more than your typical LGBT fare that we've gotten over and over again? Does this movie try to do something new?

In a way, I guess they did. It wasn't a big shift, but it was certainly something noticeable.

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