Apr 13, 2021

[Books] March 2021 Reads

March 2021 Reads

March was a bit of a mixed bag for reading, and my decision to invest time in reading a longer Haruki Murakami novel this month means that I had to lean heavily on comic books to make up my numbers. I'm glad that I still managed to keep apace, but I also feel like I cheated a bit since my reading included a few single-issue stories.

But hey, when it comes to competitive reading and a one-book-a-day reading goal, you also have to read smarter at times to balance our more enthusiastic reading, if you get my drift.

Mar 10, 2021

[Books] February 2021 Reads

February Reads 2021

While I haven't quite figured out what else I want to invest in when it comes to updates on this blog, one of the things I still enjoy posting is these sort of reports on what I've read during the previous month. It's not like we should be keeping score, but I guess I sort of am given my annual participation in the Goodreads Reading Challenge.

While February is only shorter by most months by only a few days, it still felt crazy short given everything else. I thought I had read more than a book a day, but come the end of the month that's how things played out. I guess I should be thankful - at least I'm not falling behind the pace I need to maintain to hit my goal before the end of the year.

Feb 9, 2021

[Books] January 2021 Reads

January 2021 Reads

I think I started 2021 fairly strong from a reading perspective and managed to make good progress towards my reading goals. A new year means starting from zero again and I'm pretty happy trying to maintain my one book a day target of 365 books covered for the year.

So let's break things down in detail, shall we?

Jan 5, 2021

[Books] December 2020 Reads

December 2020 Reads

And now we get to the end of 2020 and the last few titles that made up my reading for the year. I didn't just hit my one-book-day reading goal, but actually managed to cover a total of 388 titles, which is sort of a new record for me. 

I guess the quarantine has had some geeky benefits for me. But let's focus on just December and see how things panned out.

[Books] November 2020 Reads

November 2020 Books

November 2020 was another good month for reading for me since I had clearly hit my reading goal for the year and was free to enjoy more of the titles I just wanted to read. But the "productivity" of this month was in part because of several comic book efforts along with my continued exploration of the Target Doctor Who books.

So let's dive into my reading for this month.