Dec 28, 2010

[Books] Best of 2010

Tuesdays are when I review either books or comic books, and this year didn't feel all that amazing for either. Most of my book reviews for the year were for titles that I had read long ago that had not been reviewed on the site. My trips to bookstores have been increasingly frustrating because of the dearth of new things to read (and therefore buy).

Doctor DoomImage via WikipediaI did read a lot of comic books as well and that didn't give me much hope either. The big comic book events like Blackest Night and The Thanos Imperative weren't all that impressive either. I guess in terms of new comic book arcs, I most enjoyed the 6-issue Doomwar limited series, and I know that I haven't posted a review for that yet. I know, it wasn't a perfect story and the ending was kind of hokey. However on the whole it was a fun read and an almost campy celebration of why Doctor Doom is so kick-ass, it takes several superhero teams working together just to take him down.

As for actual books that I read this year, I think the new series that I enjoyed the most were the Idlewild books written by Nick Sagan. The trilogy of Idlewild, Edenborn and Everfree. Their unique dystopian society and alternative world view presented a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic society and some really long-term planning.

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