Dec 26, 2010

[Technicolor Musings] Best of 2010

It's the last week of 2010 and I thought it might be fun to run a series of entries discussing what I liked most about the year, depending on the usual schedule of topics that I follow. Sundays is meant for Technicolor Musings and my LGBT-focused reviews, so let's try our hand at that, shall we?

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2010 was a year with a lot of news related to the LGBT sphere of influence. Locally we had the Reproductive Health Bill being fairly important tangentially. sure, it's meant to be more for those you actually breed (on their own that is), but it also plays a key role in AIDS prevention, which is always an LGBT issue.

This year also saw the first time in a while that the annual Pride March was supported by the local government, in this case Quezon City. It did meant an alternate venue but at least we got that.

In the international scene, we finally got to witness the signing of the repeal of the controversial US military policy of Don't Ask Don't Tell. While the actual implementation will take a heck of a lot longer, it's better than nothing right?

In entertainment, this year things really took off for gay characters in mainstream shows. While we don't have a Will & Grace kind of show on the airwaves, we did get Emmy nods for the gay couple on Modern Family (yay Eric Stonestreet!) We get a gay couple on the now defunct Caprica, and we even have gay characters on stupid shows like Shit My Dad Says. Sure, they're mostly in comic relief roles, but it's better than nothing.

I didn't see enough LGBT movies this year, but the one that I did watch this year that I enjoyed the most was the 2007 release Shelter, which is quite the well-made movie. Gayest musical that I got to watch this year was definitely Xanadu - my thanks to Atlantis Productions for continuing to support musical theater in the country.

What did you like the most about 2010 from an LGBT perspective? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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