Jun 27, 2007

[Web] Adams on Paris

Flickr: WaveCult - A message from Dilbert to his management

The Dilbert Blog remains to be one of my favorite reads online. Besides the fact that this blog comes from the same creative mind behind the largely popular Dilbert comic strip, but he's pretty witty in his own right.

His blog is often seen to be somewhat "controversial," although I think this stems largely from his somewhat celebrity status. Thus, anything he has to say is bound to offend some group or another and his generally candid and honest writing style defintely pulls few punches. Today he decided to write about Paris Hilton - how could he not? =P

Today's entry about Paris was a laugh riot for me. Then again, most news about Paris is generally funny on its own, so what more this, eh? It's practically insulting how much attention she gets, with reports how stating that her brief time in jail has garnered the most press coverage any jailing has received in recent years. Really now?

Here's my favorite segment from the entry:

Paris’s legal problems started last year when she was arrested for driving drunk. In the following months she got stopped twice by officers for driving with a suspended license. The second stop resulted in jail time. My question is why, after leaving jail today, she didn’t do a few shots of tequila in front of reporters, use her prison skills to hotwire a car, and try to swerve home on her own. What was suddenly stopping her?

Instead, Paris let her parents pick her up at the prison in an SUV. I assume their chauffeur was liquored up so Paris would feel at home. Otherwise she’d be sitting in the back seat screaming, “Why is this car moving in a straight line?!! What’s wrong?!!!”

Paris will be appearing on the Larry King Show - not exactly the best episode he'll ever do. I think his interview next week with the even bitter Isaiah Washington will prove to be more interesting. Adams went on in his entry discussing what possible questions Larry might have and quite frankly he just might have a point there - what does one ask about this sort of thing?

The only thing that I can imagine to be worse was that horrible banter I saw on Anderson Cooper before falling asleep this morning. They mentioned the upcoming Hilton interview on Larry King and had to go on to emphasize the fact that CNN did not pay for the interview as opposed to other networks that had been offering monetary compensation for getting a "exclusve." That was so low of you CNN!

Anyway, just read the entry, and his other witty posts are worth your time to. Now I'm just waiting for Zafra to comment on this whole sordid affair as well, haha

Photo linked from WaveCult's photosteam.

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