Jun 27, 2007

[GeekyCast] Taking a Shot at Paris

Despite being überly tired after a very long day at work, I forced myself to attempt another podcast since the first one appears to have had some fairly positive responses from you more regular readers (now listeners)! Thanks for sharing your comments and certainly keep them coming!

Borrowing a page from Scott Adams' recent Paris post, I thought I'd try taking a few pot shots at the infamous heiress for good measure.

I quickly grew tired of that, however, and ended the episode just talking about myself, hehe. Hope you enjoy it!

Download this episode (10 min)

[EDIT] - I know, I know, the second commercial spot was set for 5:36 but instead appeared about 8 seconds later at 5:44. This is the last time I run multiple advertising spots. =P


  1. Rocky, the information you shared about yourself was very interesting, but Paris Hilton has had more than her fair share of fame & I have no interst in her nor any of the other celebrities in which the world at large seems interested.

  2. haha, forgive my indulgence. she was just too hard to ignore this one time.

    i figured i had to balance things out with something a bit more meaningful, hence the discussion about myself at the end...