Jun 26, 2007

[Movies] Run, Lola, Run

Run, Lola, RunI first got to watch this movie during a Humanities class I took in college. It was a bit of a challenge to enjoy the movie since we were all huddled around a fairly small TV set - the joys of minimalist government funding for the premiere state university in the country. Go figure.

Despite those limitations, I was simply floored by the execution of this piece. The story initially seems simple but in the end a very dynamic plot unfolds that will certainly surprise you. The whole thing feels like an MTV video on crack, steroids and Prozac all at the same time given its rather speedy pacing.

Run, Lola, Run, originally Lola rennt in German, was a surprise indie hit released back in 1998 that presents the possibility of alternate realities in a style that is lighting fast and somewhat shocking at times. Thus my earlier comparison to a music video.

The story revolves around the fiery-haired Lola (Franka Potente) whose boyfriend needs to come up with 100,000 marks in 20 minutes or else he'll be killed. Despite the limited time, Lola quickly runs out and attempts to come up with the money before all is for naught. What makes the story distinct is that every time she "fails," the story reboots and we get to watch all the characters try living through those 20 minutes over and over again until they achieve a happier ending.

Many might compare this movie to films like Sliding Doors, and ironically enough they actually came out in the same year. Both deal with the concept of parallel realities although Sliding Doors had more interconnections between threads.

It's a bit tricky to find a good copy of this movie these days although it has be re-released on DVD. I hope you guys get to find yourself a copy - this is definitely a movie worth seeing. If not, perhaps we can have a movie day at my place? LOL


  1. My hubby loves this movie. I'm trying to find a DVD copy of it to replace his VHS copy but can't seem to find one. Where'd you get yours?

  2. actually, a friend's mum in the US decided to borrow the movie via Netflix then burned me a copy, which in turn was delivered by my friend when he finally visited the Philippines this month.

    it pays to be nice to friend's parents =D