Jun 26, 2007

[World Domination] Don't try this at all

This is not the way to advance your company's way to world domination:

During a presentation to announce Symantec's latest product, a spokesman for the company delivered an enthusiastic pitch to a roomful of big name clients. Indeed, such was the emphasis on the "uniqueness" of his company's offering that attendees could have been forgiven for thinking that no one else made anti-virus software.
During the wrap-up to his presentation, the spokesman was forced to query collective laughs, and quite possibly shouts of "it's behind you", by turning to face his presentation screen.

He found the source of their amusement in the form of a prominent pop-up box, obscuring his Powerpoint presentation, stating that the rival Kaspersky anti-virus software loaded on the machine he was using to present had updated its definitions.


Lesson 1: use your own product.

Lesson 2: if you don't trust and use your own product, it's time to quit.

Lesson 3: do not use a test machine/competitor testing machine for presentation use.

Lesson 4: 99% of salesmen are liars. Yes, I made that figure up. Go figure.

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  1. lol I think his boss had better send him on a very very very long vacation.lol

  2. Nevernevernever use other people's pc for a presentation.
    He probably used the computer that was already on the presentation room. If you hire rooms to give presentations, you should take your laptop with you and not use their pc. Or at least check it first and remove any useless cable (ethernet).