Sep 1, 2006

[Alpha] The Scoring System

One of the key elements of the Geeky Guide is the rating system to be used for the various reviews whether in terms of movies, books, etc. I want to use a multi-point scoring system such as a five-point scale sort of thing but I need to determine what to use as the primary scoring icon as well.

I don't want to just resort to stars since everyone uses stars, right? I need something appropriately geeky in order to keep everything in theme.

I was toying with the term widgets, but i really doesn't apply. It actually refers to a Windows gadget, and I definitely don't want to use a term that is so overly linked to the Microsoft empire. That had me thinking along the lines of The Jetsons in terms of sprockets and cogs.

It turns out there's actually a significant difference between the two. Sprockets are more of a specific type of cog utilized in holding bicycle chains in place. Cogs are any wheels with interlocking teeth. Using them would make a bit more sense in terms of how they look since sprockets and cogs and definitely geeky-looking. Sprockets sounds better as a word but cogs are definitely better from an appearance perspective.

If anyone is reading this entry just yet, do share your thoughts on the matter. It's a minor thing, but of course I want this entire blog to be executed well. And of course, the internet and the whole Web 2.0 initiative is all about interactivity and involvement of the reader audience.

Exciting, eh?

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