Sep 1, 2006

[Alpha] First Post

Welcome to the Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything!

We're currently still in limited alpha testing for the site and I figured it would be totally within the geeky theme to document even the development of this site. I'll be following the traditional software testing development stages throughout the completion of the site design.

So why document at all if no one is really expected to read the blog while it's still in alpha testing?

Well, given this blog is already in the public domain of the wonderful thing that is the Internet, I'm sure people will wander across this blog. In addition, I'm hoping to break tradition a bit in terms of true alpha testing by opening this blog for comments from readers of my main blog Beyond Dinobot Island over on LiveJournal. With luck, I'll get some meaningful feedback in terms of where to take this blog, changes to the layout, etc.

In the meantime, be sure to check back here from time to time to see the blog as it progresses into final release!

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