Sep 2, 2006

[Alpha] Ads and Analytics

I've added a few more items to the site design today, mainly because of further exploration of Google's Webmaster Central options. For those who are not using Ad blockockers like the Adblock Plus extension for Firefox, you should now be seeing my contribution to the internet advertising age.

If you feel the ads are too invasive, do let me know. I'm trying to balance out my desire to support the Google AdSense program while not making visiting the Geeky Guide too much of a hassle.

I've also managed to enable limited indexing through Google Sitemaps. I say limited since I've yet to actually manage to submit a full sitemap because I don't have complete control over the Blogger domain, of course. That makes me start thinking of future possibilities of moving this entire site over to its own domain if it gets popular enough so I can maximize the potential of the page.

Darn, now I really want to really learn how to utilize CSS. I feel so antiquated with my baseline HTML knowledge, mostly self-taught back in 1996 or so.

Lastly, I'm not able to understand more about how my page is attracting visitors and where they're coming from through Google Analytics, a rather comprehensive tool that allows me to see all visitors, more or less where they came from and how many repeat visitors I'm generating. This is definitely going to be useful in determining how to best plan out the development of the site and to also understand who exactly my true audience profiles becomes as the site progresses.

These initial posts are definitely more Geeky then what most people can handle in one long stretch. I suppose it's best to move on to more appealing topics.

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