Jan 5, 2021

[Books] November 2020 Reads

November 2020 Books

November 2020 was another good month for reading for me since I had clearly hit my reading goal for the year and was free to enjoy more of the titles I just wanted to read. But the "productivity" of this month was in part because of several comic book efforts along with my continued exploration of the Target Doctor Who books.

So let's dive into my reading for this month.

For this month, I read a total of 44 titles, which consisted of 6 novels, 37 comic books, and 1 audiobook. The lack of outdoor walking and other errands due to quarantine is what mainly limits my book listening time, hence only 1-2 books covered per month for most of 2020.

On the book front, I didn't read anything truly notable, I have to admit. I mentioned the Doctor Who books earlier, which are great fun reads but not the most challenging things to cover. They are all-ages adaptations of different Classic serials that thankfully don't talk down to kids but also don't go into a lot of detail. Hence the steady reading.

For comics, I still put a lot of work into covering The Walking Dead with a few more volumes left to cover. This is also the month that I finally got started on the big X-title reboot as Dawn of X. It's quite the ambitious re-imaging of the entire x-landscape (if we can call it that) and reading it in the Dawn of X format that compiles multiple titles into each volume is a bit of a challenge. I obviously like some titles more than others and some are just too hard to warm up to.

What a weird fictional world these writers have created indeed.

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