Nov 11, 2020

[Books] October 2020 Reads


Goodreads - My Read Books October 2020

October was a pretty good reading month for me and I've generally kept up the pace I established in September. If I stay on track, I'm very likely to hit my annual reading goal before November is over, which should free me up to read longer titles once I'm not as stressed over the overall timing.

I like the challenge an annual reading goal provides, but it can influence one's reading decisions to make sure to factor in reading efficiency apart from just reading what you want. It's all good fun though.

On to this month's numbers!

For the month of October 2020, I read a total of 44 titles, which breaks down as 8 novels, 35 comic book volumes and 1 Audible audiobook.

On the novel front, highlights include the latest book in the Dredsen Files series "Battle Ground" (which was epic-awesome!) and a few more Star Trek books to wrap up the "Double Helix" series and the occasional BattleTech book. the Dresden book remains to be the key highlight of everything I had read. Otherwise, I've also gotten started on reading my physical copies of the old Target Doctor Who books, which are mostly direct novelizations of Classic serials. They're geared towards younger readers but still stand well on their own as solid Doctor Who stories and they help breathe new life into these old TV serial stories. I'm really enjoying the experience. 

On the comic book front, I tried to stay true to my word and finally invested some time to read The Walking Dead comics in line with Halloween and all, and I can state that I enjoyed the experience. As much as the show was a little hit or miss for me, the comic had much tighter writing and kept me reading despite my lack of interest in the horror genre. Other one-offs include catching up on current titles that I read like the ongoing Fantastic Four and really beautiful titles like Die and Ascender

Only finished one audiobook, this being BJ Novak's short story collection. But it wasn't a bad thing - I honestly enjoyed the experience and liked a lot of the story concepts he incorporated into the collection. 

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