Oct 11, 2020

[Books] September 2020 Reads

Some of My September 2020 Reads

September 2020 represents a bit of a turning point in my efforts to hit my end-of-year reading goal of 365 titles. I had fallen behind my goal ever since the lockdown began  (which sounds kind of ironic), and it was only last month that I finally got caught up again and got back on pace.

Admittedly, this means reading a lot more comic books instead of just focusing on novels because I really do go faster when it comes to comics. But I think I also made some smart choices in terms of what to read so that I didn't get overly bogged down by heavier or longer books. There'll be time enough for reading of that variety once I hit my goal or something.

For September 2020, I read a total of 50 titles, which consisted of 9 novels, 40 comic book trade paperback equivalents, and only 1 audiobook via Audible. 

In the book department, I wrapped up my BattleTech explorations and decided to start working on all these Star Trek novels that I've bought on sale over the years. This was also the month that I finally read the new Night Vale novel about the old woman who secretly lives in your home (which was sadly disappointing) and the Peace Talks Dresden Files novel (which was awesome).

I covered a lot of ground on the comic book front, obviously. I finally worked through big chunks of my comic book backlog by finally reading things like Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals and working my through a significant portion of the IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics, which are pretty fun. This month I'm finally reading my copies of The Walking Dead, so expect more updates on that in the future.

Body of Proof is the only audiobook I listened to this month because of the fact that I barely do a lot of walking given the pandemic. And my walking/jogging time is my Audible time as well so yeah go figure. But this was a fun little documentary piece that made for interesting listening for sure. 

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