Jan 5, 2021

[Books] December 2020 Reads

December 2020 Reads

And now we get to the end of 2020 and the last few titles that made up my reading for the year. I didn't just hit my one-book-day reading goal, but actually managed to cover a total of 388 titles, which is sort of a new record for me. 

I guess the quarantine has had some geeky benefits for me. But let's focus on just December and see how things panned out.

I did say that I'd take things slower in December and tackle some of my longer books and so I only read 24 titles, consisting of 5 novels, 18 comic book trade paperbacks, and 1 audiobook.

I shifted on the book front and supplemented my continued Doctor Who reading by finally going back to trying to read the Star Trek "Gateways" series of novels. It's another TNG-centric crossover event similar to the Contagion books that I read the other month, so I felt more prepared to deal with stories taking place in some of the novel worlds I'm not too familiar with - these being New Frontier and such. I'm liking the experience thus far, but it's still a bit of a slow burn.

On the comic book front, I was all over the place. I tried going back to some of the longer Star Wars comics in my comiXology collection and then tried to catch up with the newer events by finally getting started on "Empyre". Man, that's a weird event that didn't have a super-strong concept but it did feel very ambitious. And then COVID-19 clearly dampened the potential impact of that story to a significant degree, leaving us with a rather raw story. 

My one audiobook was a fun Audible Original called Tinaca Jones that was tailor-made for Retta. It's a gem, seriously. 

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