Feb 9, 2021

[Books] January 2021 Reads

January 2021 Reads

I think I started 2021 fairly strong from a reading perspective and managed to make good progress towards my reading goals. A new year means starting from zero again and I'm pretty happy trying to maintain my one book a day target of 365 books covered for the year.

So let's break things down in detail, shall we?

For January 2021, I read a total 39 titles, which consisted of 5 novels, 33 comic book trade paperback volumes, and 1 Audible audiobook. 

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On the book front, this marks when I finally finished the last of the Star Trek Gateways books, which made for a rather disappointing crossover. I was hoping it was building up for some really big crossover event, but the final book felt like it was just a weird short story collection where the different stories couldn't have just been the last chapters of the other books in the series. My physical book reading remains more enjoyable as I continue to explore classic Doctor Who stories through the Target novelizations. Really good stuff.

I've also been reading a lot of different Star Trek comics, as part of a particular genre itch I've been feeling, I guess. There's just something about Trek stories that really feels reassuring, even in these troubling times.

Lastly, my big audiobook project was covering a beautiful adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, which included the voice talents of the likes of Alan Cumming and Tim Curry. It was a long audiobook but it was certainly a lot of fun. That story is absolutely solid, regardless of the time it was written. 

That covers everything I read in Janaury. If you want to explore my reviews of everything I read, feel free to check out my Goodreads page.

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