Mar 10, 2021

[Books] February 2021 Reads

February Reads 2021

While I haven't quite figured out what else I want to invest in when it comes to updates on this blog, one of the things I still enjoy posting is these sort of reports on what I've read during the previous month. It's not like we should be keeping score, but I guess I sort of am given my annual participation in the Goodreads Reading Challenge.

While February is only shorter by most months by only a few days, it still felt crazy short given everything else. I thought I had read more than a book a day, but come the end of the month that's how things played out. I guess I should be thankful - at least I'm not falling behind the pace I need to maintain to hit my goal before the end of the year.

For the month of February 2021, I read a total of 28 titles, which breaks down as 4 books and novellas, 21 comic book trade paperback equivalents, and 3 audiobooks. Things were pretty busy at work, so I definitely could have read more. But to be fair, I did still have enough time to read some lengthier pieces of fiction.

Reminder: I'll link to some of the featured titles I read using Amazon Affiliate links. If you want to help support the site, feel free to purchase them using that link!

On the book front, I finally returned to the beautiful story reality of The Expanse in order to keep pace with the ongoing TV series. I've been doing my best to be at least a book ahead of the ongoing season and I've managed to do so still. On the physical front, I continue to explore the Classic Doctor Who universe through the old Target books and it's still proving to be an interesting way to visit these classic serial stories, even if just in book form.

I was a little all over the place on the comic book front, but the bigger efforts involved still continuing with The Walking Dead, going back to trying to read the different Doctor Who comic books and of course more Spider-Man. Special shout-out to the Eleventh Doctor Year Two books because the over-arching plot across that volume was BRILLIANT. Something I'd totally recommend. I also dug into the ongoing Transformers comics, which are a lot harder to get copies of as of late. I'm still warming up to this new comic book reality, but I do appreciate where things seem to be going. We're finally junking the whole "Ascenticon" label for the more appropriate "Decepticon" faction name.

Finally, my Audible audiobook adventures continue to be rather eclectic. I'm glad to have finally gotten a copy of The Sojourn, which I enjoyed a lot. However, their recent revelations about their experiences with the platform make me rather guilty about having listened to them here instead of another platform. For now, I'm working through all the Audible books I've purchased while refraining from buying new ones. I'm still on the more limited retention plan that doesn't give me a credit per month, so we'll see how things go. 

What have all of you been reading lately? And if you want to explore my reviews of everything I read, feel free to check out my Goodreads page.

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