Apr 13, 2021

[Books] March 2021 Reads

March 2021 Reads

March was a bit of a mixed bag for reading, and my decision to invest time in reading a longer Haruki Murakami novel this month means that I had to lean heavily on comic books to make up my numbers. I'm glad that I still managed to keep apace, but I also feel like I cheated a bit since my reading included a few single-issue stories.

But hey, when it comes to competitive reading and a one-book-a-day reading goal, you also have to read smarter at times to balance our more enthusiastic reading, if you get my drift.

For March 2021, I read a total of 39 titles, which consisted of 3 novels, 32 comic book titles, and 4 audiobooks. I ended the month still ahead of the reading pace needed to achieve my goal before the end of the year, which is a good thing.

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Most of the books that I managed to finish this month were Target Doctor Who novels, which are quaint adaptations of various classic episodes. Despite their relative brevity, the older writing style has turned out to be a bit of a challenge to process quickly, and this slows my overall progress with them.

On the comic book front, a major push this month was getting through more of the Spider-Man-related content that I've acquired across various comiXology sales. None of those books particularly stood out, admittedly. I much more enjoyed lesser-known titles like Plutona written by Emi Lenox and Jeff Lemire along with the psychedelic espionage comic that is Cassanova by Matt Fraction. 

Audiobooks were also a few more classic Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas along with a few other quirky Audible creations. The Doctor Aphra audio adaptation was really enjoyable while the Audible Original Escape From Virtual Island was a discount SNL sketch show.

I'm kind of struggling to get back on pace this month and I really need to get through Killing Commentadore soon so I can get back to reach other stuff on my Kindle. But the state of things in the country has been pretty stressful and is certainly getting in the way of my reading. 

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