Aug 9, 2020

[Books] May 2020 Reads

May 2020 Reads

May 2020 was one of my worst months for reading this year. But I guess it makes sense, as this was well within the lockdown period and I know I was feeling pretty frustrated with how things were going in the country.

But that's not what this blog is about.

This one's going to be short, but there's still stuff to talk about for the month.

For this month, I only read 19 titles. I finished 1 novel, 17 comics, and 1 audiobook. The whole not walking outside really bit into my Audible listening. But it's quite telling that even my comic book reading dropped down to a weird level. 

The main book I finished...was a light Star Wars book about zombies. I knew it was a fluff title and I needed something easy to read to pad my reading numbers.

For comics, I'm glad that I took the time to finally read the Bendis-Hickman run on Secret Warriors. This was a very fun title and quite enjoyable reading. I like that sort of meta-concept espionage stuff coupled with great action.

I finished listening to The Martian audiobook, too. Admittedly, that was worth the listen. I really like Wil Wheaton as a narrator/reader for science fiction titles. It just feels right. 

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