Aug 9, 2020

[Books] June 2020 Reads

June 2020 Reads

Things started to feel more the right reading pace come June 2020, so that's a good thing. 

And I finally finished the Mistborn books this month, which freed me up to read other titles of shorter length, so that helped me get more back on track. 

For the month of June 2020, I finished 27 titles. This consisted of 3 novels, 22 comic book trade paperback equivalents, and 2 audiobooks. The audiobook pace started to pick up since I started to jog inside our condo unit as another form of exercise. 

On Mistborn, I did enjoy the trilogy and I do plan on returning to read the other Sanderson books out there as he does have a fascinating approach to worldbuilding. But because I needed to catch up with my reading numbers for the year, it may be a while before I actually get down to that. For now, it's quicker, lighter reading to get back up to speed.

On the comic book front, June is most memorable to me as being the time I decided to finally read the All-New X-Men books that featured the time-traveling team from the past as the central focus. The scenarios that Bendis crafted for them were certainly interesting

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