Aug 9, 2020

[Books] July 2020 Reads

 July 2020 Reads

July 2020 will stand out as one of the rare months this year where I actually read more novels than comics. I guess it helps that I got super excited about revisiting the BattleTech universe again, and I was determined to finally finish my internal project to read all of the Classic novels. Thus most of my leisure reading while catching up on Fitbit steps involved a BattleTech title somehow.

It was a pretty good month, but on the whole, I'm still way behind on my 365 book goal for the year. I gotta pick up the pace this August!

For the month of July 2020, I read a total of 25 titles. This consisted of 15 novels, 8 comic book trade paperback equivalents, and 2 audiobooks. 

BattleTech, BattleTech, BATTLETECH! This project of reading all the Classic novels turned out to be pretty fun as the tail end of the books involved the rather crazy even of the FedCom civil war. There were so many perspectives to tackle but on the whole, it felt a little less organized versus like the Twilight of the Clans series of books.

For comics, I mainly just wrapped up the All-New X-Men books, then sorta jumped around from there. There was incidental reading like The Old Guard because of the Netflix adaptation and random Doctor Who stories.

For August, I'm still going to be reading other BattleTech books but I hope to allocate more time to comics in order to help catch up with my numbers. I'm at least a dozen books behind for my 365 books goal, so that'll take a fair amount of work still. 

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