Aug 9, 2020

[Books] April 2020 Reads

 April 2020 Reads

Still playing catch-up with my month-end updates on my reading efforts for the year. Looking back at all this, we see a steady decline in the number of books that I get to cover each month, which in turn probably reflects my mental state as the lockdown period as progressed.

So let's talk about the April books.

For April 2020 I read a total of 27 titles - 2 novels, 24 comics, and only 1 audiobook. Since I was no longer walking to and from the office or jogging, that pretty much eliminated my main venues for listening to Audible titles. Bugger this quarantine.

I was still working through the Mistborn novels during this period, so that severely limited the number of novels I could cover. I tried to make up for things by reading more comics, and thus the glut of lighter reading titles in the form of the slightly confusing New 52 era Green Lantern titles, which were okay but really not all that amazing.

I need to really re-think my reading efforts. 

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