Jul 2, 2007

[Geeky Guide] The Three Blogs

I was hoping to post another podcast today upon waking up but things aren't quite friendly to that happening just now. The weather has turned and the rains have come in earnest, thus slightly flooding my bathroom and making my cable connection go all manky. I'm on my back-up dial-up connection now since my cable is too slow to register as anything right now. Hateful.

So instead I thought I'd write a somewhat lengthier entry to talk more about the Guide and the person behind it - namely me. My GeekyCasts have changed the tone of this blog somewhat, and I think that the change has been largely positive. Since the podcasts naturally include personal information not normally shared on the blog, and given the positive response to these podcasts, I figure this is just the next evolution in the Guide.

You have to understand that I operate three main blogs, in a manner of speaking. The three are both independent and yet interconnected.

Everything started with my LiveJournal blog, Beyond Dinobot Island. It started strictly as personal blog and soon evolved into a lot more. I'd discuss anything of interest ranging from movies, books, current events, etc. This went on until such point that my entries were getting significantly long and people were having a hard time keeping up with everything I had to say.

Eventually I signed up for Multiply primarily because of the photo-hosting capacity and created Moonbase 8. Moonbase 8 contains a mirror of all my LJ entries and is now primary storage for all my photos. Given it had the option for reviews, I started trying to "cover" various events, movies and such and faithfully created a number of steady updates. This helped decongest my LJ from extensive reviews amidst the personal entries since the reviews were now separate.

When Blogger Beta launched last year, I signed up with my Google Account just to toy with the features and eventually decided to turn the experiment into another blog - this experiment would soon evolve into The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything. I further divested certain kinds of topics like current events, "Newsies" as I used to call them on LJ in order to give it renewed focus. I also migrated my review activities from Multiply to here in order to provide steady content, yet I still cross-post those entries over to Multiply.

So now there are three blogs. LJ gets first dibs on blogging time and I write about all my personal events, thoughts and realizations there. The Geeky Guide comes next in terms of public content, although this entry and certain others mark the beginnings of more personal content here. Multiply gets all the cross-posts like copies of all my LJ entries and copies of all my Geeky Guide reviews. However it stands out because all my photos are also there along with some other easter eggs.

By visiting all three blogs, you'll get a more complete picture of who I am, I suppose. Each has different parts of me but all are largely influenced by who I am. The three parts come together to make a greater whole.

Does that still make sense?

So what do I do now that the Geeky Guide is becoming personal - am I further blurring the lines between the three entities? It's hard to say for sure. If this is to become a more permanent thing, I guess I'll focus on these entries being a bit more "philosophical" where I can talk about my thoughts on various topics, concepts, ideas, etc. My day-to-day accounts of my life experiences and other insights will remain on LJ.

Have you tried visiting my various blogs? What do you think? Does the division of labor (in a manner of speaking) make sense to you? Do you prefer one of the blogs above the others? Do you want to see more content like this on the Geeky Guide?

Be sure to let me know whether you choose to leave a comment, email me, IM me , whatever. Remember that the biggest strength of blogs as a medium remains to be the option to interact and provide feedback. In this world, the users drive the content.


  1. Although I prefer going to one website instead of three per person, I guess in your place, it makes sense. It is also normal for someone to have a separate multiply account for pictures.

    However, with the advent of your podcasts, you are also correct in saying that the lines have blurred between all three. For me, I usually visit the geeky guide more then the others, more because I like blogger more then LJ :D

  2. thanks for the feedback, Q.

    as much as i wish to just have one blog to rule them all, so to speak, there are things that tie me strongly to each of them, i guess. i have a pretty solid circle of friends over on LJ and i'm not quite ready to leave them just yet. as my first online home, i think i owe them that much.

    everyone has unique experiences with my blogs - there are those who know LJ first and rarely visit the Guide and there are those who do the reverse. either way, i'm happy just to know people like reading what i have to say.

  3. The division works for me. If I want to know what happened in your day, I go to Beyond Dinobot Island. If I want to know what's your take on a host of topics (and listen to the sexy geeky voice), I go here.

  4. what sexy geeky voice? =P

    i am literally blushing.

  5. What about us contributors? He he.

    "Sexy geeky voice" woot! Way to go, Rocky!

  6. shut up about the voice! =P only Misterhubs gets to call it that, haha

    Of course for my valued comrades, you're more than free to add in your personal insights behind your posts and explain your own philosophies behind drafting entries here on the site as well.

    this entry is more about me taking the time to explain my side of things - i'll not claim to speak on your behalf just yet. =D