Dec 18, 2015

[Random] Abandoned Theme Parks and Discontinued Rides

The internet is an amazing resource for digging up obscure things. In my case, a random geeky article about an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park led to various random YouTube holes involving abandoned theme parks and closed attractions. And sometimes I just lost myself watching video after video of people even just talking about such attractions since it's not very often you find legitimate video that has not been subject to copyright claims.

This interest has partly been fed by random nostalgia trips that have me trying to remember things that I saw when I first got to go to Disneyland or at Universal Studios. An example that always comes to mind is the old Battlestar Galactica attraction. Thus your best friends in this area are Yesterland for Disney theme park rides and The Studio Tour for Universal Studios attractions..

What do you end up wasting time on the internet researching? What fascinates you?

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