Dec 17, 2015

[TV] Anthony Boudain in Manila!

So Anthony Bourdain, the mad genius behind the book Kitchen Confidential and host of many shows celebrating world cuisine is in Manila! It took a while before folks were able to confirm that it was truly him given how low-key he is and how he's willing to eat just about anywhere. But it's official - he's in Manila to film an episode of Parts Unknown, his current feature documentary series.

I must admit that I do admire this man as a writer and as someone who knows how to appreciate good food in unexpected places. I love how down-to-earth he is and how he's willing to praise great food that might seem really cheap to locals but is also prepared to complain about shoddily prepared food not matter how classy the establishment claims to be. He just tells it as it is and you see that in how he hosts the show and how he writes about the restaurant industry and other things in his books.

I'd love for a chance to meet him, but realistically I'll just be happy to hear what he has to say about our country once the episode airs. It's a modest honor to be somewhat breathing the same polluted air.

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