Dec 31, 2010

[Geeky Guide] The End Of Another Geeky Year

Well, it's the last day of the calendar year. And what a wonderfully geeky year it has been.

For the Geeky Guide, I'm glad that my partner has been supportive enough to help me find the time to update a lot more regularly. I fleshed out a more systematic schedule of posting topics and theme days. I have no idea if you guys like it, but it has made my life a lot easier from a pseudo-OCD frame of reference.

I felt this was a big year for geeky movies. Beyond just the superhero stuff we've steadily seen in the past years, 2010 had us enjoying Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, James Cameron's Avatar, Red and the quirky Zombieland. Even the remakes and reimaginations weren't too bad given the old school franchises they celebrated such as Tron: Legacy and maybe The Last Airbender if you want to at least include the effort. And of course you have landmark movies like Inception, that totally changed the landscape for a lot of us.

My area of the geeky book and comic book worlds weren't too fun. Blackest Night ended with a whimper. The Thanos Imperative was a bit of a genetic eunuch. Doomwar was the only one that made me feel a bit better. I didn't really get into any new series of books this year for some reason - I guess nothing really caught my eye. I wanted to join the whole steampunk genre but it's a heck of a challenge to get books like The Windup Girl here in the Philippines.

On a more personal note, I totally got suckered by Hasbro and their Transformers: Generations line of toys. I have almost all of them in my possession together with a whole host of other re-releases and figures inspired by the original G1 line. I've acquired over 50 new Transformers in this year alone and I'm totally running out of space to hold all the toys. Not that it's a problem - it just means they all have to be friendly with one another.

So here's to another geeky year for everyone and hoping that 2011 is going to be even geekier for all of us!

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