Dec 30, 2010

[TV] Best of 2010

This was another weird year for geek television. While not quite as traumatic as when Firefly was cancelled in 2003, it still wasn't particularly great either.

Fringe (TV series)Image via WikipediaIn terms of shows that disappointed me the most, I definitely feel that award has to go to FlashForward. It had a pretty good premise at its core and had a strong story to tell, but it got totally lost in terms of how it wanted to tell it. Thus the end result was pretty pathetic when you get around to it. A very close second to this category is The Event, which again had very strong pre-release buzz but totally failed to deliver. I can't believe that it's still alive.

Most tragic cancellation for the year has to be Caprica. Sure, the story was a really slow burn and it was taking the writers forever to get anywhere. But come on, the story in itself was pretty gripping towards the end. Plus once the linkages to the core BSG series were there, I was definitely excited to see where all this was headed.

The series that surprised me the most this year is definitely Misfits. The superhero drama was edgy, hard core and with some pretty compelling characters. These are not your run-of-the-mill super power teens who had a lot going for them. Their juvenile delinquents who have a nasty habit of killing people in order to protect their secrets.

The animated series that I liked the most this year was definitely Ugly Americans. The disturbing dark comedy from Comedy Central is a nice take on the whole supernatural sub-culture with some pretty compelling writing.

And the best TV show of the year without a doubt is Fringe. The current J.J. Abams creation is absolutely brilliant and gripping in ways that are distinct from but equivalent to what made Lost such a great series.

What did you like the most about 2010?

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