Jul 31, 2009

[Geeky Guide] Daily Entry Categories for August

Hello Geeky Readers!

For those who have been keeping up with the times, you should already know that I've been considering better organizing my entries throughout the week so that you, the readers, will have a better idea of what to expect on certain days of the week and to help me discipline myself to post more regularly. Initially I had committed to regular entries only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but now I pretty much have posting plans for all days of the work week with the weekends left pretty much free-for-all in terms of entries.

So here's the break-down of categories:
  • Movie Mondays - Mondays will be devoted to posting reviews of recent movies. For now I'm defining recent as being any film released no earlier than last year so for now it means you can expect reviews from the 2008-2009 movie seasons.
  • Text-Toon Tuesdays - I know, the title sucks but it's the only alliteration I could come up with. For the most part, Tuesdays are now devoted to comic books and cartoons and possible book reviews, too - I'm still a little on the fence about that.
  • Wired Wednesdays - Wednesdays will be all about computers and console gaming, so expect reviews of popular games, interesting applications and probably a lot of Google news, if ever.
  • TV Thursdays - Thursdays are for reviewing complete TV seasons, discussing possible new shows and dispelling rumors about other developments in the TV universe. What Geeky Guide can be without TV, right?
  • Flashback Fridays - This is admittedly me cheating in order to have a day for everything else that I wasn't able to fit into other categories throughout the week. Thus this mostly means movies prior to 2008 but could also feature any number of reviews of older content like classic books, console games, or whatever.

On the whole, these aren't permanent categories but pretty much an experiment for now. To get a better idea of what this means, you can review the entries posted during this week from July 27 -31, 2009 and you'll see that I've already sort of followed these categories for now. Weekends are totally free-for-all, and I seem to be pretty much posting a lot of my viral video entries then.

I'm still considering other possible categories and perhaps dedicating a day for LGBT-related posts in order to push the advocacy angle a bit more, but I'll see how that pans out. Beyond these categories, entries can still appear randomly throughout the week even though they don't fit the categories, especially in the case of breaking news, current events and Google. You know I always have to give Google love when it's warranted, hehe.

Entries that fit these categories typically start posted at one hour intervals starting 12:08 PM (GMT +8) so anything outside this schedule is just bonus content (like this entry).

Let me know what you think! Are these categories lame? Do you like seeing more regular content on the Geeky Guide? Is there something you wish to see more instead of what I've chosen to schedule out in terms of entries? As always, the comments are open (OpenID or Blogger / Google Account needed) or just email me directly.


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