Aug 1, 2009

[Movies] Tron Legacy Trailer

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In 1982, everything changed with the release of the movie, Tron. It was so radically different from many films before it and it chose to explore something that was still a fairly new concept to most - the insides of computers and the networks between them. The special effects were pretty cutting edge for time but more importantly the story itself was tight enough to be coherent yet distinct and creative enough to be forever memorable.

When they announced they were going to make a new Tron movie, I was pretty skeptical. How dare they decide to touch this classic movie, something that had remained largely untouched over the years save for an appearance in the game Kingdom Hearts II. Was this going to be just another addition to the long list of films that have been bastardized by Hollywood, subjected to the remake bug and thus forever raping our childhood all for money?

Thankfully they have announced that this is going to be a sequel of sorts and not a full remake, and they're trying to make sure the movie can stand on its own even if people hadn't seen the original film. The trailer officially released during this year's Comic-Con shows promise, but I'm not making any final decisions until it comes out in 2011.

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