Nov 20, 2008

[Geeky Guide] Temporary Hiatus

Hello fellow geeks!

For those of you who've been wondering what's been happening lately in terms of why I haven't been posting updates as much as I used to, here's the post where I get to explain what's going on.

Man that was a long sentence.

Anyway, I just moved to a new flat over the weekend and naturally the week has been filled with post-moving activities and naturally my "day" job as a product training manager for a US-based call center. I'm still in-between ISPs and trying to find a new one as soon as possible, but I should get that resolved no later than the end of next week. By then we'll resume normal update cycles.

In case you're determined to read about what's been going on in my personal life (which is still geeky, mind you), then feel free to visit my personal blog, Beyond Dinobot Island - I try to keep this updated daily, at least while I'm at work. Like now.

Stay geeky!

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