Nov 30, 2008

[Geekdom] Star Wars vs Star Trek

Pardon my lack of updates - as I mentioned in a prior post, I'm still transitioning between internet service providers after my move and thus I don't consistently have a direct connection to the internet beyond work. I'm only able to update now because of the generosity of nearby friends with extra laptops and sufficiently strong enough WiFi, hehe.

This video has been going around the web in recent weeks and it's a pretty good mash-up of what would happen if the forces of Star Wars would come up against the likes of the Enterprise D from Star Trek. While I'm sure die-hard fans of both fandoms are bound to find something to complain about in terms of this video, you can't help but enjoy the whole thing for what it's meant to represent.


#2 - Star Wars Vs. Star Trek - DMP Edition HQ

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