Jan 11, 2008

[TV] A Life Among Whales

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by rubonix.

My partner and I were just relaxing in the living room, watching TV after a long working day while munching on reheated pizza and enjoying a sumptuous batch of tomato soup he had cooked when we caught this show on National Geographic. My partner has always been quite the animal buff and I'm not exactly a stranger to biology either so it's a rather normal thing for us to get lost in the programs of National Geographic or Animal Planet.

The feature was A Life Among Whales. It's more than just another documentary; it's a well-crafted message about conversation and our responsibility to nature as a whole as told from a very unique point of view.

A Life Among Whales is a documentary, an interview, a biography and a powerful ecological message centered around one rather amazing and inspiring individual - Dr. Roger Payne" target="_blank">Dr. Roger Payne, a man who has dedicated his life to whales. In his life he's achieved so much and has managed to contribute an amazing wealth about whales and at the same time has always carried with him a very clear message about protecting our planet, not just the whales.

I have to admit that he had me mesmerized as I listened to him speak - he is just so passionate without needing to raise his voice. He's so amazingly inspired and driven to do all he can to better understand these majestic creatures and ensure their continued survival in the centuries to come.

While documentaries and anything that appears on National Geographic and other "boring" channels may not necessarily be everyone's cup of tea, I have to strongly urge everyone to take the time to watch this film. You're bound to catch it on National Geographic or perhaps on PBS if you're in the US, but the point is WATCH IT. You won't regret it. This man is just amazingly blessed and it's a shame that there are so few individuals who's inner brilliance shines forth as brightly as his.

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