Jan 10, 2008

[Movies] Imagine Me & You

Imagine Me & YouWhen my partner and I go movie shopping, we tend to pick up independent films, art films and GLBT movies without really knowing anything about them. As long as the story seems interesting based on the back cover and it seems like a worthwhile gamble and we go for it.

Imagine Me & You was one of those movies and for the longest time it has sit on the shelf unwatched while other movies have managed to find their place in our movie-watching agendas. Now I regret not having seen it sooner since this was a surprisingly witty and entertaining movie that holds more water than just it being another GLBT film.

Imagine Me & You is a charming U.K. production from BBC Films so if you're not into British movies and their humor, this probably won't work for you. I, on the other hand, found myself enjoying the dry sarcastic humor immensely, which probably explains why so many British films just seem to really do it for me. Golly gee willikers!

The movie tries to expound on that classic question of whether or not there's such a thing as love at first sight. The twist here is that our first sight situation involves lesbian florist Luce (yes, that was Lena Heady from 300 - just look at her eyes!) catching the eye of Rachel (Piper Perabo, who once starred in a movie called Coyote Ugly) on the day of her wedding to Heck (charmingly adorable Matthew Goode). Quite the interesting twist on an old story right there.

The writing behind this movie is rather good and I just love the humor and the innovative ways of describing the various situations. One of my favorite bits of dialog go this way (in response to the question, "How do you feel?"):

Oh. Um. Well you know when your holding a hot cup of coffee and you realize you're going to sneeze? That's how I feel.

Now that is some pretty good writing. It's not just some empty-headed love story with a predictable plot but is instead a rather complex and well-crafted tale of love and loss.

Apart from the writing, the movie also has more than its fair share of amazing shots and well-orchestrated situations that make me feel like at any moment a Bob Ross-like voiced will come out and talk about putting a little tree here and a lamppost right there. Gah, it takes a certain eye to manage so many good shots like that. My kudos to Ol Parker!

If you're looking for a GLBT film that manages to pull of a complex story without making things feel overly heavy, then this is definitely something for you to see.


  1. hello again here and happy new year! Hey, we have d same trip in dvd hunting (akin lang nga pirated, hehehe)! I also, do the same thing like buying unknown titles, like d once i recently bought but have not yet watched, FORBIDDEN FOOT, A PERFECT FIT (starring Adrian Greiner) at isa pa yung NITZE something.... :)

    I'm so happy na rin that i have found pirated versions of PILLOW BOOK, KEN PARK (uncut), ENDLESS LOVE, etc, etc in ARlegue! I'm still scouting for the movie "Stealing Heaven" (about peter abelard) which is a fave movie of mine.

  2. Hey, a belated Happy New Year to you too!

    Those are pretty unique films - I haven't heard of most of them. I'll keep writing about the ones I find time to watch if you'll do the same, hehe.