Oct 2, 2007

[Web] Random links of interest

Just some thoughts on links lying around the internets.

* You want personalized animated wallpapers on the fly? Fly over (ick) at Red Dodo for a quick fix. The selections are limited as of now.
* Companies should ban this product on their offices. Come to think of it, maybe it's a good gift to give to your boss. Hmm...
* DSLR camera phones, anyone? Kidding aside, do you think this type of product would sell at all?
* Itching to get an LCD monitor? Hold out for a little longer. Wait till these bastards (and their future variants) become mass-produced. By then, LCD monitors should cost dirt cheap.
* Want to create your own PSP theme? Sony hearts you. Here's the official Sony PSP Theme Creator. (Will they release one for PS3? Heck, who owns a PS3?)

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