Oct 2, 2007

[GeekyCast] Disinfecting a Friend's Computer

I don't fully understand the irony behind me consistently trying to upload a new GeekyCast whenever I'm sick. This seems especially true when my nose is involved and my being sick becomes more audible than normal, hence highly evident in today's episode.

Beyond me sneezing with the mouthpiece covered and some general updates, today I quickly go over my internal checklist whenever I start tinkering with my friends' computers in an effort to make them perform better. I've created small "Utilities" folders in many of my friends' computers and laptops, sort of a signature mark of me having done work on the unit.

The software I discuss is generally free and is available for download from the web using trusted sites like Download.com, currently part of the CNET group of websites.

If you have questions or further ideas, feel free to leave your comments here or get in touch with me directly - it's easy enough if you just look around.

Download this episode (14 min)

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