Oct 2, 2007

[iPhone] Why I am not getting an iPhone

Some people are speculating if iPhone will officially grace our shores. (Let me speculate that if ever it does, Apple will select Globe; but if the criterion is bucks, Apple will select Smart, a money-generating monster.) To be honest, even if I have the means (which I have none at the moment), I will not get an iPhone.

First, it has no mobile broadband features. Sure it has WiFi, but for me who lives in the boondocks masquerading as a city (read: Caloocan) with no broadband connection options to speak of, mobile broadband is essential to me.

Second, Apple is acting as if it is a telco when it is not. Other phone manufacturers release open line products, but Apple does not. I don't like the almost-dictatorial stance that it is exuding. It should not dictate what telco to choose if I want to use its phone.

Third, and the most crucial: when you buy a product, you own it, and you should be able to do anything you like on it, since you own it. Apple should not dictate to iPhone users what they can and cannot do with the product that consumers bought.

Whoever says that consumers control the market, think again. Companies will try their best to control the market, push people to buy their products, earn big bucks.

So there, plain and simple, the reasons why I will not get an iPhone (assuming that I can afford it).

Will you get an iPhone? (Assume that you can afford it.)

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  1. I have already seen someone here using an iPhone. I guess his is unlocked.

    If money is not a factor, I'd buy one.

  2. I know of a friend who can unlock iPhones, but they need to use Globe sims to do it.

  3. im not getting one. i dont need it. that simple. ^_^