Oct 3, 2007

[Mobile Phones] Filipinos in the News

Flickr: youthkee - RIMG0095

It's always amusing when Filipinos reach international news. Usually it's the lame stuff like our political quarrels, our moments of civil unrest or the latest stupidity done by a public official, usually the President at that.

Then came this somewhat random entry on LifeHacker, on of my favorite tech lifestyle blogs talking about there being over 5.5 million Filipinos who use their mobile phones as wallets. I found it interesting but sort of moved on with my life quickly thereafter.

Then today in my Google Interesting Items For You, I came across this lengthier article talking about the same phenomenon. Again the case study for discussion was that of a Filipino relying on income from family working abroad.

This was certainly a welcome change instead of how high we rank in terms of most corrupt governments. Cool beans!

Photo linked from youthkee's photostream.

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