Oct 25, 2007

[VoiP] Vonage vulnerable to call divert hack - report

Another potential legal woe for Vonage is in the works.

Currently fighting it out with giant telcos (ehem, Verizon, ehem), the VoIP company will be in another legal trouble if it fails to address calls being diverted by hackers. Reuters reports:

Without proper security measures, Internet phone providers risk exposing their customers to such attacks from far away as hackers use the Web to access their networks, said Krishna Kurapati, founder and chief technology officer of Sipera.

"This guy could be in Russia and Vonage thinks it's John Smith. People think they're calling John Smith and instead they get this guy," he said.

Matthias Machowinski, an analyst who follows corporate networks for Infonetics, said that while Internet phone systems are vulnerable to such attacks, it is possible to prevent them.

Sipera claims that they have informed Vonage of the problem more than a month ago. Vonage has not responded to Sipera's information, and Vonage declined to comment when asked by Reuters.

If Vonage is not careful, they will have another headache-inducing case in their hands, which they don't need at this point.

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