Oct 25, 2007

[Digg] The Mom in Credit Card Debt Who Spends $400 on Starbucks Every Month

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The oldest Starbucks in the world
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Here's another item of interest I gleaned off of Digg, this time a Consumerist article about a woman named Felice, who appeared on Oprah who despite being more than $135,000 in credit card debt continues to spend like there's no tomorrow.

Based on the article, she's been reported to spend at least $400 per month on branded coffee, $60 a week on tanning and manicures along with continued clothing purchases. All this without bringing in more than $5,000-6,000 a month! Why do people like this even exist?

Call me a stick in the mud if you wish, but given I tend to manage the budget here at home - okay, perhaps it's more like a spending plan - I just feel appalled by such wanton waste. The situation is further compounded by the fact that she has children and even sells their toys if she doesn't like them. WTF?!?!

Wake up and smell the credit card bills! Managing your finances isn't that hard as long as you're willing to make some hard decisions. Clearly some of us are far less mature than others.


  1. $135,000 in debt? Just when I thought that P2,000 in credit card debt is unforgivable then came this one.

    Credit cards are evil in disguise. I rarely use mine except in cases of financial emergencies (roughly translated into unexpected inuman sessions or seeing a beautiful shirt/top that i really really like), but other than that, I don't usually commit into buying a purchase I know I eventually could not pay.

    I'm really thankful I don't have an extravagant lifestyle after all. Hahaha. As if nurses earn soo much money here in the third world. =) Hehehe.

  2. Rocky, thanks for sharing your story. Sorry if what I have posted brought much too much melancholic memories of yours. Sorry if my misery has caused you much pain. I know how hard it is for you to relive those memories again. In the most inopportune time when we will be remembering our loved ones in a few weeks or so. =(

    And though it sucks to be that son, rocky, I knew that that incident made you a truly better person.

    Thanks rocky. I missed you. =)

  3. @Ruff

    Crazy spending isn't it? Talk about irresponsible.

  4. you know what? i feel for this person. When I had my first credit card, i spent like crazy! i went to an expensive gym, bought expensive clothes and tried all the fabulous restos in greenbelt. i guess it's really exciting and fun to spend with your plastic and it takes a great amount of effort to realize that spending with it should be well planned.

    buti na lang, i was able to come out of that financial cul-de-sac. i now maintain only one card with a lower-than-usual credit limit :)