Oct 25, 2007

[Google] Page rank a-diving

While I was sleeping, the entire blogosphere (ok, most part of it) are buzzing with interest (and irritation) as they see their Google PageRanks dive by a notch (minimum). Most affected are blog networks who are dependent on page ranks for advertising purposes. Most of the bloggers see this as Google's attempt to control the advertising space, since most of those who are affected are selling link ads, too, in combination with Google's AdSense.

Not only is it time to rethink the metric tools used to determine advertising rates, I think it is time to de-monopolize the Web advertising market. What Google had shown from this episode is that it can control the Web advertising space, and that it will do anything to protect its dominance of the market. Most blog networks must be thinking now of how to counter this Google action. There must be another metric that they can use to entice advertisers. Or maybe advertisers should be finally convinced that page rank is not the only way to measure a site's popularity.

AWBHoldings.com managed to retain its low page rank (I am not sure about the Geeky Guide). I wonder what will happen soon.

Were you affected by the page rank downturn? Do you think Google's action is fair?

1 comment:

  1. So far the Geeky Guide remains stable at 2PR, haha. Low before and decently low still. =D

    We're getting there...