Oct 30, 2007

[Mobile] P11's menu in landscape orientation?

Last week, something happened on my P1i. The programmable key at the right of the phone was set to Main Menu (meaning, when you press that button, the Main Menu is displayed; default is Web browser for this button), and while I was taking some camera shots, I accidentally pressed on that button. What happened?

The menu did appear. In landscape mode.

I regret not installing a screen shot app for the phone. I cannot replicate it now, though the fact that it did happen means it can be replicated somehow. The menu was in grid mode, and the Back icon was on the bottom of the screen (since it was in landscape mode, bottom is the left edge of the screen). The Status bar and the soft keys were not visible. But when I get back to standby mode, the screen was restored to the usual portrait orientation. Going to the main menu, the screen shifted to landscape again.

When I restarted the phone, the main menu is in the usual portrait orientation.

Has anyone experienced the same?

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