Oct 29, 2007

[NWA] The New Worlds 5 Convention

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Last Saturday, I did manage to go to New Worlds 5, the annual Philippine science fiction and fantasy convention as hosted by members organizations of the New Worlds Alliance. While this may have been the fifth event of its kind, personally it was my first real convention apart from the New Worlds: Transformed event earlier in the year, which was more of an exhibit than anything else.

Overall, it was a blast for a geek like me and I don't understand how I've consistently managed NOT to attend these events for the past five years.

First off, I'm glad that a sizable number of people decided to brave the bomb threats in order to attend the event. Most of the member groups were in full force with some unable to attend due to security concerns. While as much as they were missed, the rest of us made due as best as we could and as you look at the pictures above, you can see things went pretty well.

The were loads of fun events - my favorite being the two sets of Jedi Academy sessions held throughout the day - and even if they weren't quite the same activities previously announced, still it was loads of fun and it seems a lot of the visitors also enjoyed as well.

My primary allegiance remains with Via Astris and I hung around their booth for most of the day. It was in a prime spot near the entrance and regardless of its location, the mock-up of the original Enterprise bridge was more than enough to attract hardcore geeks and curious spectators alike. The bridge now features a replica of the Captain's Chair and the Helm, which even had loads of lights and switches that actually worked! Strangely enough, I did not actually take a seat during the entire day. More likely I think I don't think it right to take a seat until I get my hands on a science officer's uniform, hehe.

The event was made even better with the number of folks who came in costume. It's one thing for the member organizations to have their members in costume (and changing costumes throughout the day to show cause with their other groups for those who are part of multiple fandoms) but we had a good number of outside folk who had just come to act out as their favorite characters or to compete in the costume competition. My heart goes out to the pair who pulled off the Goblin King and Sarah from the original Labyrinth movie - that so rocked! We even had a Thor and Enchantress pair vying for the top prize against the likes of Ultraviolet and Davy Jones.

I was there starting around 02:30pm and didn't go home well past 10:00pm. I ended my day with a Tribble in tow, a fake ID card ala-Supernatural and having accomplished several tasks like signing up for my NWA Library card and watching all the Star Wars footage of international members of the 501st trying to whistle after eating polvoron. Very evil indeed.

I'm glad I finally got to go to a "real" convention, as it were, and am definitely looking forward to the next one. The only question is...what costume should I wear next time around?

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