Oct 30, 2007

[Browsers] Testing Flock

Flickr: phatbuddhaz - Flock Represents!
Flock Represents!
by phatbuddhaz.

I just downloaded Flock, what is being touted as the "Social Web Browser" given its highly integrated social networking tools for sites like Facebook and Flickr. There's been a fair amount of buzz about the browser as of late and I've been wondering about trying it. When Webware released a Newbie Guide about the browser, I definitely got curious.

Flock is based around Firefox and so a lot of your usual Firefox extensions may still work with the new browser. I'll post future updates about it when I've had more time to test it despite the fact that I don't do social networks apart from Multiply. It's also supposed to have a rich set of blogging tools and features like Drag and Drop and such so it might not be that much of a stretch for me to use.

Wish me luck!

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