Sep 20, 2007

[Mobile] A Windows Mobile-powered Sony Ericsson phone?

This CNN news report is a puzzler:

High Tech Computer Corp has secured a contract from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB to design and assemble the latter's first smartphone running Microsoft Corp's Windows Mobile platform, the Commercial Times reported, without citing sources.

The order is estimated to exceed 1 mln units, and the smartphone is due to hit the market in the second half of 2008, it said.

The Taiwan company currently ships some 10 mln smartphones per year, and the Sony Ericsson contract is expected to expand shipments by 10-20 pct, it added.

A Windows Mobile-powered smart phone from Sony Ericsson?

As Ubergizmo opines, SE owns a part of Symbian (it owns UIQ too). What is happening here? Is SE getting ready to drop UIQ and Symbian? With the current reputation of SE UIQ 3 phones (not good), this is an option for SE.

Current SE UIQ phones are: P990, W950, M600, P1, W960.

No, I don't think SE is going to abandon Symbian and UIQ at this point (they might at a later date); it is just too stupid to abandon such investment in capital and technology. Symbian and UIQ are not in the red; SE UIQ3 phones are selling well, despite the not-so-good reviews. SE is probably going to introduce a new line of handsets (the word for this move is diversification), labeled the M series. Yes, there is an M600, but that is just the first in that line. Maybe we will see Sony Ericsson M1 soon enough.


  1. Does it means that SE is tired with all issues and lack of software for Symbian UIQ?

  2. Nope, SE just wants some share of the WinMo pie.

  3. I reallly don't know about this one since most windows run devices generally turn turtlish